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Didier Drogba’s FIF president aspirations suffers several setbacks


Didier Drogba’s aspirations of becoming the next FIF president suffered yet another blow on Tuesday when the football governing body in the country endorsed the current Ivorian Football Federation Vice president (FIF) Idriss Diallo.

In a statement the AFI said,”In accordance with the majority of its members, the board of directors has decided to grant the AFI’s sponsorship to the list headed by Idriss Diallo. This choice is in line with the recommendation made by two-thirds of the delegates at the end of last Friday’s meeting” said the AFI in a statement signed by its secretary-general Aruna Dindane, another former international.”

Even more, Diallo got endorsements from The Coaches Association, from the former internationals Bonaventure Kalou, Cyril Domoraud and Ahmed Ouattara, in the 5 September election.

In response to the endorsements, Drogba said, “Our football is not… Our football is not going well, it’s no secret. That’s why my team and I are committed to the rebirth of Ivorian football.”

Thousands of Ivorians share Drogba’s sentiments home and abroad, and are very worried about the state of football in the country.

Joël Dolou, who is a fan of Drogba, showed up along with dozens of others to make public his passionate support for the star’s presidential candidacy, “We’ve come to offer our support because we’re not just going to limit ourselves to social networks. But to show everyone here in Abidjan, inside and the whole international community that we are indeed ready for him, we are ready for man, we are ready for Didier’s ‘Renaissance’ project.”


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