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Covid 19: Worldwide cases surge past 100 million


The world has formally surpassed 100 million cases of Covid 19, according to new formal figures from John Hopkins University.

The global death toll has now surpassed 2.1 million.

One fourth of the cases have been in the United States – where the death toll has surpassed 420,000.

Just about 4,000,000 have been in Britain, where the death toll surpasses 100,000 overnight.

Meanwhile people who get vaccinated may believe they can’t spread the coronavirus and could prove to be the next super-spreaders, Harvard University public health student Rushabh Doshi has warned.

Writing on KevinMD, a platform founded by Dr Kevin Pho, Doshi noted that it was still unclear whether vaccinated people could still spread the virus.

“With a slower than expected vaccination rollout to the general public, people who are vaccinated and fail to understand that they can still be carriers of the virus pose an immediate threat to the unvaccinated,” Doshi wrote last week.

Doshi said if vaccinated populations ignored social distancing protocol and failed to wear masks, this could lead to a massive surge of cases and hospitalisations.

“As winter ends and social behavior increases in vaccinated and non-vaccinated folk, there will be yet another opportunity for a third surge.

“This time, it may be those who are deemed to be the least susceptible to spreading the virus spearheading the third surge.”

Meanwhile, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) has advised pregnant women not to get the vaccine.

It comes as Invasion Day rallies took place across Australia, which saw police make multiple arrests Sydney’s Domain, where one rally was being held.

Thousands of beachgoers also flocked to places like Bondi Beach today, despite officials urging people to follow social distancing rules.


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