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COVID-19: Global cases rise after long decline


The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the number of new global cases of the novel (COVID-19) has increased over the previous week after a long decrease.

WHO said more than 2.6 million new cases were accounted for a week ago, a seven percent increment contrasted with the earlier week, following six consecutive weeks of declining numbers.

“The global case increase was driven by increases in the Eastern Mediterranean, 14 per cent ; South-East Asia, 9 per cent, Europe, 9 per cent and the Americas, 6 per cent.”

It said potential purposes behind the increase incorporates continued spread of more contagious variations of concern (VOCs), unwinding of public health and social measures (PHSM) and fatigue around clinging to PSHM measures.

WHO, however, added that the weekly death toll figures kept decreasing.

“The number of global new deaths continue to decrease, with more than 63,000 new deaths reported last week, a 6 per cent decrease as compared to the previous week,” it said

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s total COVID-19 cases hit 156,496 on Tuesday.

So far, the country has only recorded 1,923 fatalities.

It also received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday.


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