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Buhari’s eight-week ultimatum to end Terrorism about to expire


WITH the eight-week ultimatum given by the National Assembly to end insecurity about to expire, the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has issued a fresh deadline to the military to wipe out the outlaws. As terrorists, bandits, Fulani herdsmen and ‘gunmen’ persist in their nationwide rapine, Buhari ordered his troops to decisively stop the siege by December. This is just about  three months away. Certainly, Buhari will have to do more than handing out unenforced orders to defeat the extremists.

Evaluated at 8.23 points (out of 10) or of Very High Impact, the Global Terrorism Index 2022 lists Nigeria as the sixth most terrorised country in the world. Afghanistan (9.10), Iraq (8.51) and Somalia (8.39) top the list, with Islamic terrorism as the chief culprit.

Since 2009, Nigeria has been bedevilled by jihadism initiated by the Boko Haram Salafist sect. A report by the Centre for Democracy and Development, an NGO, said terrorists have slain about 60,000 persons in Northern Nigeria in the past 10 years. Beacon Consulting’s Nigerian Security Tracker calculated that the terrorists massacred 7,222 persons and kidnapped 3,823 others between January and July. The United Nations Migration Office counted 2 million internally displaced persons. Continue Reading Here


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