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Benin celebrates 60 years of Independence


The West African nation of Benin is set to celebrate its 60th anniversary since the country became independent.

The country was initially called the “Republic of Dahomey”, the gradual change was very restless for the country.

The country in its first ten years faced troubling times: disputes for power between major southern elites brought about political instability.

After the 1st anniversary of the country, the very first president of Benin, Hubert Maga commended a smooth and peaceful transition by its French colonialists.

Dahomey’s ambassador in France, Derlin Zinsou, who was interviewed at the time in Paris said that ” It is thanks to her (France) and her leader, General Charles de Gaulle, that we gained independence, in a manner that still surprises the world, without any clashes or bloodshed.”

Celebrations will take place in the West African country, but the country has said there will be no grand military parade.

With the COVID 19 pandemic still in full force, large gatherings have been banned in capital city Cotonou, the government has stated that the festivities will be restrained.

Like several other African countries like Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, Benin gained its independence in 1960.


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