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Angolan doctors protest against police brutality



Angola’s Doctors’ Union lead around 100 dissidents in a walk through the downtown area in Luanda on Saturday in protest against police ruthlessness and demanded for an investigation concerning the suspicious passing of Silvio Dala in police care after he was arrested for driving without a face mask on September 1 — ie breaking of Covid guidelines.

Police said Silvio Dala, 35, died of a heart attack while he was in their custody. Be that as it may, questions were raised after Dala’s body was sent to the funeral home shrouded in blood with scarring to his head.

Numerous Angolans Are Fed Up

Lenia Silva, a patient, spoke about her disappointments with the Angolan police,

“Who do we finally have to turn to, who do we have to ask for help? Who are you that we need? Police, stop doing this. The medical community is really sad, we are really sad.”

Protesting doctor Rodrigo Joao deplored the death of a fellow healthcare professional who could have “served the nation for many years.” He said while denouncing the officers’ lack of “humanity,” “We need to draw attention to this mistake and correct it so that a citizen will not lose his life next time.”

At the end of the march, which saw hundreds of demonstrators chanting and hanging visual displays of fake blood-stained medical garments, the Doctors’ Union president Adriano Manuel reiterated calls for clarity around the circumstances of Dala’s death, “We will pursue our mission,” Manuel vowed as he addressed the crowd. “We will bring (the case) to court next week because we have concrete proof that our colleague did not die of a heart attack.”


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