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Akpoti urges US to extend Visa ban threat to INEC officials


The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the November 16 governorship political race in Kogi State, Natasha Akpoti, has said the visa restriction on political race riggers in Kogi State ought to be stretched out to officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

She said this is vital in view of the “dishonorable jobs” they played in the Kogi political race.

Akpoti settled on the decision in an announcement on Tuesday to respond to the United States’ visa restriction on people who sabotaged elections in Nigeria.

She praised the US government for its choice to put a visa restriction on people who fixed Kogi races and others.

She said, “I do hope this ban is limited not only to the individuals in Kogi State Government but principals of institutions who were saddled with the responsibility to ensure free, fair and safe elections such as INEC.

“This action goes a long way to validate all claims my party and I made at the courts with regards to the gross irregularities of electoral processes amidst violence to install Yahaya Bello as governor of Kogi State.”

Akpoti said Nigerians should remember that the country doesn’t exist in isolation but as part of a community of third world countries whose actions shape her international relations with allies.


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