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5 Ways To Make It In The Music Industry As An Upcoming Artist


Hello readers, today we would be discussing how you can make it with the music industry.

Have you ever wondered why some people make it with the music industry and some don’t? And this gets some people thinking that music is for some spec of people( only the rich). If that’s what you think, then you are making a big mistake. You can make it if you play your cards well.

You need to make some moves as an artist, don’t just sit down waiting for your music career to happen to you, get up and make it happen.

These ideas will make you go a long way in the music industry. Kindly read through the piece, see what you are not doing and start now.

1. Perfect Your Talent: Whether you are a songwriter,a musician or producer, you need to spend time to perfect your talent, go for shows and watch those who perform, if you can afford to hire a talent coach that’s nice too and do a lot of practice.

2. Make Use Of Social Media: Social media is one of the best ways to get your message across to people. You can promote your music through Facebook,Twitter,Instagram because you are going to reach a large audience with ease.

3. Network,Network,Network: To make it in the music industry one of the things you need to consider is networking. To succeed in the music industry you have to build relationships with people and work with them. Also network with music producers and collaborate with fellow musicians.

4. Patient: This is one important factor you need to consider. I was opportune to attend a local show and then an upcoming artist took the stage to perform and the next I heard was “boooooo…..boooooo”, that didn’t make him drop the microphone and leave the stage as some other artists might do. So for you to go far in the music industry you need to be patient and know that some days won’t really be nice on you.

5. Be Motivated: Always keep in mind, the reason why you want to become an artist. Don’t be discouraged by the things you would meet in the journey of your career.

6. Keep Creating Music: The more music you create, the more material you have to shop around. If some people like your music your chances are that they will ask for more and if you cannot give them what they want, you have missed an opportunity.

These ideas above aren’t all you need to make it in the music industry but they will help you go a long way. If you have any idea feel free to drop it at the comment section.


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