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Pastor Flogs Male and Female Members Live in Church for Having Pre-marital S*x (Watch Video)

This is the moment a pastor was caught on camera flogging his church members for having s*x.
A video showing the shocking moment has since gone viral on social media.
Although the identities of the couple involved has  not been confirmed yet, multiple sources have revealed that the event took place in Ghana.
According to them, the Pastor, a Ghanaian named Pastor Obinim, flogged the two adults for engaging in premarital s*x.
He reportedly accused the girl, as he lashed her, of having s*x instead of focusing on work as an apprentice.
Whipping the boy for allegedly impregnating the girl, Obinim questioned how he was going to take care of her and the baby since he (the boy) was unemployed.
At one point, the girl ran away after the beating became unbearable, but Obinim ordered one of his pastors to bring her back.
He continued the beating as soon as she was brought back.


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