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2023 elections: Tinubu Is A Strong Opponent But I’ll Defeat Him – Okupe


A previous presidential aide, Doyin Okupe, on Sunday said he will crush the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, in the 2023 presidential election, notwithstanding Tinubu’s political strength.

Nonetheless, the previous Governor of Lagos State is yet to proclaim his intention to run in the impending general elections, yet there had been signs that he might want to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari.

Okupe in a series of tweets on Sunday, said Tinubu stays an impressive adversary yet he rout him.

I believe I have a slight edge over him in that I understand national and Presidential politics more than him and in terms of intellectual resourcefulness, we are at par; if I am not better.”

“On my part, a great advantage is that I am the only Yoruba of note in the presidential race from the PDP,” Okupe said.

“Bola Tinubu is coming in from a wrong party where he has such powerful antagonists with the capacity to stop him. The flagrant excesses of his party to which he never reacted publicly, especially with issues concerning the South-West have made him not to be favoured by some of his own people.”

“The other misfortune is that though Bola Tinubu has spent his life and his huge resources on developing political powerful lieutenants who now occupy very high and influential offices, now at his own point of need his major challengers are virtually all from his stable.”


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