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2 Nigerians arrested in Thailand over romance scam


Two Nigerian men have been arrested in Thailand for suspected contribution in an alleged romance scam.

Pol Col Akanit Danpitaksat, the Patong police boss, recognized the two Nigerians as Nkemakolam Benson Ugonna, 21, and Osuchukwu Chukwuemeka Malachy, 19.

The arrest came after Patong police were asked by the Songkhla immigration to find suspects in a romance scam who posted profiles of gorgeous men on Facebook to initiate discussions with ladies looking for foreign partners, beguiling them into accepting they truly existed and winning their trust. Inevitably, they exchanged names and addresses.

Now, the scammers would tell the ladies they had some significant things for them and they would send the things. They fooled the ladies into moving cash to them.

The police researched and followed the two Nigerians, who were remaining in Patong zone. Surveillance camera film indicated the two had often pulled back cash from ATM machines.

A resulting check uncovered that the two had outstayed their visas and may have been engaged with the romance scam, prompting their arrests at a hotel in Patong region.

They were accused of overstaying their visas and suspected contribution in a romance scam.


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