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Nigerians are responsible for poor power supply – Minister of Power, Fashola


The Minister of Power, Work and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday, expressed shock at the destruction of public properties by Nigerians who also yearn for better service from government.

Fashola expressed his frustration while speaking on Thursday at the Buharimeter town hall meter in Abuja. The Minister also said the Ajaokuta steel plant is embroiled in legal suits hence government can do little at the moment.

“Yes, there is no power. But it does not mean there is no capacity to produce power. In February, we were able to meet 5,000 megawatts.”

“When you have an idea how extensive the pipeline network is and how they must pass through land.”

“I don’t know any country that wants to have electricity that destroys its electricity infrastructure.”

“People have even begun to remove bolts and nuts from tracks that had been laid for rail.”

“There will be a time when we can not rely on gas solely. We think that methods, planning and coordination will take us to the society we want to live in.”

“As far as security is concerned, there is a new wave of global criminality going on. The existing security machinery put in place after the second world war takes care of conventional warfare. It’s a new global learning curve for everybody.”



  1. You didn’t tell Nigerians you are coming to blame then for poor power supply, you asked them to vote out Jonathan and that in six months they will have regular power supply non stop. Its is amazing that the whole promises are noe be supplied in litany of woes, blames, lamentation and counter lamentation. Now, instead of you to take responsibilty for promises, you ate now blaming the people. It is no longer Jonathan this time but Nigerians.

    • Ewo! We don enter one Chance, 4 this Naija! Only Jesus will save us. What shd we deal with? An old withered and sick president, a lying minister of Info, an apology minister of Finance or a senselessly blaming minister of Power? Tell me, tori Oloun! All sensitive ministries handed over to complete dummies?

    • The claim to be after oil wells, their first point of sabotage was electrical installation. Anyway, na all of us dey here together. You cannot walk on the wrong road and get to the right destination. Biafra had been fought for before and we know how it ended. If no new approach is followed, we know how it will end again.

    • @ Olufemi and Tosin, instead of facing the issue at hand u guys are towing tribal lines, I really pity this country cos people like u would rather be tribal than offer positive criticisms that may yield results.

    • @patric don’t mind those two tribalistic baboons, we all know Mr Babatunde fashola will not do well in the power ministry even a blind man can see it. He’s currently owning Nigerians 2 things: RESIGNATION AND APOLOGY

    • .most igbos are sick,the man is simply tellg us the truth.someone somewhere are paying the NDA to destroy and bomb pipe lines and also making sure no gas flow,so if really you igbos are as intelgnt as you claim you will it work laughing educating you pple in west is a disgrace even the so call beggars or almagiris are far better.I now understnd why God choose low level and uneducated bagger to rule 9ja,and still you igbos still they open mouth.anyway when time come we all will go our separate ways

    • Mr Aremu from the way you have spoken, it shows you are those who can not really substantiate his right from left. Anyways, there are times you answer people like you so that they don’t think they are wise and there are also times it is not wise enough to answer so that one will not be counted as a fool. I think at this point, it is wise enough not to answer you. Please gave a good night rest.

    • For all those Yoruba cowards and fraudsters,pigs they are talk rubbish here let me ask u guys,are u aware that we have 4major sources to generate power,solar,coal,water and gas so if ur foolish backstabber fashola is serious we would have focused on the other three sources,u yourbas should just shut the fuck up if u don’t have constructive comments to make

    • @ AREMU, do u knw dat u re a BIG FOOL i don’t knw y so many yoruba sopport FASHOLA and TINUBU, is this d kind of change we want in this country, anybody sopporting APC is a BIG FOOL like aremu and d rest fools in dis page

    • Sometimes I wonder how PDP wailers reason like chicken…..What advice do u have for people blowing up gas pipelines in the Niger delta region?Even if there are other sources of power, do u fink we can start using them within d space of one year? The present one we have, the government is spending billions of naira to improve on it yet some stupid, senseless idiots are out there frustrating the efforts of the Federal government thru sabotage….My advice to u all wailers, the earlier u stop mourning the demise of PDP the better for u all cuz this present administration is here to succeed and it will surely succeed…..#Bunchofhatersfinkingthroughtheirnostrils

    • Aremu Muyideen ur IQ level is almost 0 so I won’t waste time on ur case cos ur a very inconsequential being. Those of u blaming failure in achieving his campaign promise of providing power in 6 months on NDA, kindly tell all of us on here wot the power situation was b4 the oil pipes started being destroyed. The earlier some of u guys realise that u can fool some of the people some of the times but cannot fool all the people all the time then u know that ur heads have been screwed on right. Continue to support failure with excuses for all I care, dats ur cup of tea.

    • @Aribikolasi Babatunde Joseph now u will agree wit me dat Niger delta is feeding Nigerian as a country, if pipeline blown in delta state affected de remaining 35state’s electricity in de country as u claim, nw u hypocrites nw believe dat Niger delta is de sucks of Nigeria living, nd u re dere supporting de government dat deprive de son of de soil access to d oil bcs of tribalism, I will advice u nd ur selfsh leaders to rethink as de blowing of pipelines continues or Nigeria will be a cripple country, be wise boy

    • a dog will always be a dog.some igbos want war,if you are not a cowards as claim why not start it instead of you wanting NDA to start.laughing like I said some of you are so sick and sick of hate and the only cure na die.if you pple don’t stop and start the war your self then you are more cowards than any tribes in this so call ZOO country as you call it lol.

    • am happy,at least they are fighting for there own state and not biafra state.another war go start if the biafra are thinking that the NDA with come as one to join biafra,lol let me just warn you pple.we no go give you pple food o and I trust the hausa,they know that the yorubas are good punisher bcos they have been warned.remember biafra war where the yorubas cut food supply to them.thank God Super warrior OJUKWU said that the igbos shld never think of starting another war again that’s b4 living the earth.MAY GOD BLISS HIM,ameen he is the other pson that can do what Buhari is doing.GOD BLISS HIM AGAIN

    • bring it on,since I can see you pple are more unrest and 4strated than any other tribes in ZOO country.the most intelgnt amongs you knows what is means by blowing and bombing of pipe line and still want it to lease it not just yorubas or Hausas voted for this govtmnt including some igbos who want change too.change is here and we that vote them in are also asking GOD to work with them all¤Ameen¤

    • @Aribikolasi, my broda everybody now are wailers including you. You can see your minister of Darkness crying and wailing over his incompetency. We are in this mess together so need insulting anybody its terrible bad even in your village and where you are.

    • I think people seriously need to learn the difference between hateful comments and constructive critism, most of the comments here are the former. I don’t think you have to call a person a goat or witch just to pass your point across and don’t even get me started on the level of tribalism that both sides of the argument are exhibiting.All of you should check yourselves before criticizing or insulting because acting this way only further buttressed the point that Nigerians truly contribute to the problem of development, I’m a 16 year old and I don’t think this is the way mature people should act, this comment section is just filled with adults showing hate and no meaningful point has been passed across in my opinion.

    • Honestly and sincerely speaking, All u igbos are just so pathetic with ur level of reasoning, in fact I wonder if u all passed thru secondary school @all not to mention university….Apologies to the educated and articulate igbos with high sense of reasoning….Joining words with u guys here is merely a waste of time…My advice for u guys…Try as much as possible to use ur brain when next u want to use ur filty fingers to type those unguarded comments of urs….Good day

    • My brother, you see I chose whether or not to reply people’s depending on the depth of wisdom resident in their discussion. If you are teachable enough, wisdom should have taught you that in my response to Mr. Fashola’s comment, I didn’t mention or comment on his tribe or state of origin. I spoke based on what the attitude of the present administration has been since they came into power coupled with all the things Fashole said when he was in the opposition. So I sincerely still find it difficult to know where the issue of tribal interest comes in here. It is on this basis also, that I responded to Mr. Aremu’s comment the way I did. Have a good day sir.

    • Mr Aremu pls we re nt talking abt tribalism here, so u should stop pointing ur finger at that direction.,NDA started destroying our pipelines i think last month bt we nigerians have been aving issue wt our power supply since last year ,no work is done yet they still blaming.i dont knw bt i think dis government z fallin us

    • Is the issue of power failure a new thing to Nigerians? The answer is capital no. While am not in support of bombing of pipelines, but the truth remains that even before they started bombing, it was crystal clear and obvious that there was no remarkable improvement in power supply. So I think using NDA ad excuse for not making impact on the same issue Mr. Fashola accessed previous administration as irresponsible is unacceptable if indeed we chose to tell ourselves the truth. Am not suggesting that there won’t be improvement if really he knows what to do. But as it stands, it only shows hr criticised the previous administration delusively and destructively for even saying all it would take him to fix electricity was six months. There ate three ways to criticise someone. You either criticise constructively, delusively or destructively. He engaged himself with delusive and destructive nature of criticism. Now, they couldn’t live to the expectations of their words and some of us thinks he deserves applause for failing.

    • Mr aribikolasi i think u b yoruba man?but yoruba ronun now,y setiment or blindly support is killing u.somebody said naigerians,d question is are u not nigerian?or did he said south south or he said igbos?but hes tallking about u nd i.even himself bcs we are all nigerian.think about it.

  2. And the blame game continues. From those that had governed before to the poor masses. We may take our entire time to blame and show a little effort at salvaging the situation. You are there to change an already bad system, so, stop complaining and act.

  3. Any serious government will fix power in six months,Egbon fash. We are still waiting ooo is twelve months plus now bt no wahala take another six months d last twelve months is for blaming sheyy?God bless naija.

    • My brother even buhari never knew is going to win not to talk of fashola It just happened unexpected that’s why they are confused and don’t know what to do again than blaming the innocent people of Nigeria

    • All of you are hypocrites, who preffer lying to the truth. You know what he said is the truth. What he said that light is fixable within six months is possible without your saboge in the Niger Delta. You people think you are doing the govt but not the govt but yourselves. You will all meet the rewards for your destruction and supports for destruction, with GOD.

    • D problem we have in this country is tribalism…If we don’t fix this issue of tribalism or change the way we fink then I don’t see US developing more than d way we are presently……I’m just so stuned u guys can type rubbish here condeming the Federal government when its crystal clear to all and Sundry that some people are out their frustrating the efforts of the Federal government by blowing up pipelines instead of u all to come together to condem the evil perpetrators…..Later u people will first be the one to start crying foul play when the military start raiding the Niger delta people……Una never dey inside darkness ooooo….Enough darkness still dey come….Continue the sabotage…..Useless idiotssssss….

    • So, how does pipeline vandalism connect power supply? You say #TRIBALISM as if you knew the meaning. Serious govt uses solar power and unlimited energy, while our socalled uses #DAMS to power electricity.

    • @Fracis….Did u just ask how pipeline vandalism connects with power supply? @this age and time? Ur comment only shows ur low and shallow level of reasoning….I wonder if u passed thru secondary school @all…..I dare not waste my time arguing with u cuz that would be a waste of time for me….Plz Let ur so called intelligent wailing brothers talk to me OK?

    • Aribikolasi Babatunde Joseph omniknowest they might be wailing according to you but they are right!!GEJ govt was sabotaged but we Neva listened cos we weren’t enjoying dividends of democracy.. Y shud we listen now??wateva d problem is we r d govt responsibility bcos we pay tax,who wouldn’t lose faith in this govt wit all d lies and deceit??r u sure u r in Nigeria??pls constructive criticism should allowed..this govt is currently failing cos wat it is facing now,gej faced more and de call him clueless..what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.pls follow d govt well you wud understand wat m saying beta.

    • But you guys did the same thing to GEJ now thinking you guys were punishing him, the country belong to everyone, why are you crying over spilled milk? You have forgotten so soon the famous statement “I will make the country ungovernable for you”

    • Thank you my brother, they way this guys treated the last government was terrible, they behaved as if they were not Nigerians, I keep telling people that any office you are aspiring for, do not bring it down or show others how to bring it down because you might not last when you ascend it after exposing it, they were reckless with everything while they were opposition, people clapped because of hatred for GEJ forgetting that he is just representing an office and would do his time an leave, they are now occupying the same office they abused barely 2 year ago and they couldn’t even do half of what te previous man did, they have even destroyed the little that was done

    • U re advocating for more darkness @Aribikolasi Babatunde Joseph but accessing u frm ur details, u re even more in darkness dan ur imaginations, u re n’t in anyway better dan any Nigerians out dere, wat a pity, keepon blaming de Niger delta for govt failure time sha tell

    • Setiment is killing us in dis nation,we never said boko haram responsible 4 gej failiur but now avenger responsible 4 pmb failiur huuuu we poor masses we dey make gvment cheat us bcs of our bias or blidly support 4 politician.all d problem shuld b gvment bcs we entrust dis nation 2 dem

    • Aribikolasi Babatunde Joseph Sir, I think that the point is being missed here…..If the Government did not see the direct correlation between steady power supply and peace in the Niger Delta, then it lacked vision….and as they usually say, are clueless!

    • Ahmed Zubairu, YOU see what we warned you people of, when someone in THE NORTH said Will make Jonathan goverment ungovernable, and it was done, by introducing your brothers, islamic jihadist: evil is evil, AND is bad and ungodly, as well inhuman! but im afraid, becus, there is always a reaping time, we must be careful.

    • Right qualification minister of darkness. Fashola thought it is just to talk and speak big grammar he thought ruling Nigeria is just ruling a state. Mumu senior advocate of Nigeria

  4. This is not a time to tamper with the sensitivity of Nigerians. All of us are not militants and vandals. It is the responsibility of government to manage crisis. Vandalism and militancy didn’t start today.
    It is ok to point out the impact of vandalism and militancy, but careful not to make generalized statements or statements that may be perceived as such. Communication is a skill and must be learnt.

  5. When I said Buharis fight against corruption should start from his ministers, listed Fashola, Amaechi, Okorocha etc, some thought is joking, tribal sentiment, support to GEJ administration etc,. Honestly speaking this guys are formally in PDP that nearly ruined GEJ administration and Nigeria as a whole, so tell me how can they overnight change to give us a better Nigeria? GEJ administration was ruined by this nincompoops and likewise if PMB don’t that sack them his administration will be worse than that of GEJ administration. I truthfully want a better Nigeria!

  6. First it was Niger Delta Avengers , now its Nigerians, just say u can,t perform simple,it was easy to cast blames on Jonathan now u are overwhelmed nd incapacitated work de talk now for where? Jokers.

  7. Someone should tell this minister of darkness to come and remove their wires from my house because they seem to be serving no purpose.
    We have been paying for darkness all these while.

  8. Hon minister sir, you need to work hard more to fulfil ur electionering Campaign sr, so as to shut the mouth of critics and the wailing wailers, whatever that will take to give us stable and steady power supply pls do it and nigerians will appreciate you sr!!!!!

  9. At least he is not like Lai Muhammed who only blame everything on Goodluck Jonathan, now the APC govt have turned their target to Nigerians as been the cause of poor economy.

  10. I wonder how long this blaming games will take this government so far, a man becomes a failure when he keeps blaming his parents mistakes and refusing to take responsibility of his own destiny and allowing his own children to blame him too. Enough of this, election is over stop campaigning and switch to action.

  11. Oga fashola carry go. U can’t do or say a different thing from what we have known ur party APC to be and dat is lie. APC foundation is built on lie dats y not one of their campaign promises is d light of d day.They are tired of blaming Gej administration now they push d blame to d masses, sorry for urself and ur party . A bad workman always quarrel with his tools; dats what APC are.

  12. Fashola….!, ar sure u said this ?…i cant blame u, A P C Foundation laid on lies, as u dont know what to tell again, Lai Mohammed now told u to throw this on Air, Birds of same feather God is watching u all,

  13. Lord God, to as many that does not want constant power supply for this Country Nigeria. & their not ready to repent, may darkness take over their entire life Amen.

  14. Fashola, you are a confused human being. In fact you have nothing to offer. You better resign now or your end will be disastrous.
    The earlier the better.

  15. Wasn’t suprised with the headline of the post. Knew immediately that it’s not true he said it. I read the main report & didn’t see where he said so. Like I tell people, we desire a scattered Nigeria, we’ll get one eventually.

  16. Those who criticize or still criticizing ex President Goodluck Jonathan should apologize to him because they do so based on malice if not their end will be disastrous. When somebody tried at least tell Jim thank you, you have tried. But they sit down to criticize him upon how he tried now this is those people’s turn everything I’d zero. They have never achieve any thing rather the situation is worsening everyday Nigerians are crying they done know which problem to tackle at a time because it is numerous due to bad government and worst leaders. Fashiola, you are blaming Nigerians tell us in what way? Why are you there? To play blame game and to syphon Nigerian money that is all. Mind you , you are receiving salary for duty you are not performing.
    One day you will pay for it. Never mind. The day is coming.

  17. Initial Fashola said,a serious government will fix light in six months,now d same Fashola is blaming Nigerians, wat is this government really up to? Lazy government, lying government & un -serious government, rubbish

  18. Hmmmmm Baba Fasholaaaaaaa. Y are u chewing words now wen den , u were biting harder? Fortunately, baba made you minister of the area condemn and now u are shooting Nigerians arrows..

  19. Your Comment Hmmmm….uneasy lie the head that wears the crown. When Jonathan was there they call him clue less. Now that they took over, they became confused and continue to blame this or that for their woeful performance, forgetting that you have to be a good manager of resources to run a country, especially Nigeria with ethnic diversity. Buhari thought he was still ruling in 1983 and started ‘ misyarning’, see where it has landed us.

  20. From Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to vandals, from vandals to senate ,now All Nigerians including your self. Nawao, when lie is well told the truth shall surely come to light

  21. U no dey tire for talk. Do something. Nigeria is good in highlighting problems. To offer solutions to a problem is always a problem. Enough. We have heard u saying all this as problems. But now u are a ministers. Do work

  22. Well if you ask me I will totally agree with him. In fact i blame myself too on this matter. You no dey pay for NEPA bill? You dey see light? So we are the problem. Until the Nigerians say no to paying of NEPA bill without light, they will always blame us

  23. Mr fashola you must be joking were you not the one said Johnathan,s government is a bad government, and a good government can provide stady light within six months time, why are you complaining?

  24. Fashola is above 60 yet he lie for money and power, I wonder the type of morals and values he impact on his children, may God deliver his children from the spirit of lie say amen

  25. That is why we continue to pray that instead of our NIGERIAN COACHES,GOD SHOULD visit d politicians like this thing, Even your children are d reason for poor power supply,Rubbish STATEMENT

  26. So when your brothers steal power lines do you blame government for not providing. Now that Niger delta militants are sabotaging gas lines would you blame government? The minister is making effort to provide power in our homes but we are destroying our scarce assets.

  27. These fake apc liers will never cease to amuse me with their deceit and confusion. Why cant you liers leave Jonathan alone and face the music before you. Like l posted before, you better bring back corruption you took away from the country so that we will be happy again than this false life that is accompanied with untold hardship, terror, brutality, murder, injustice, corruption etc that you people are projecting please.

  28. This fashola is a useless fowl… Upon how we trusted his ability to transform the power sector he end up doing worst than all the past ministers of power… Only God know what those buhari nd his cult members gave them to drink bcos this is not the fashola i use to know as lagos state governor!

  29. how if i may ask sir.but i think is government when obj left office he awarded contract on power for 16billion dollars till this moment nothing to show 4 is government problems nigeria is only country that ppl pay 4 electricity without usage do whose problem is it ppl.

  30. He is among those criminal intended individual running the country down. How will you open your mouth and be talking as if to say you do eat through your anus . This country self.

  31. Very funny! you see Nigerians? now it no more GEJ but the whole Nigerians lol, don’t worry all of you deceiving us and looting our money with style and claimed saint devil will give every high blood pressure, cardiac-arrest, heart-attack, cancer that you will spend all the money on and still will not survive it. when GEJ was there, there is stable electricity and now that you deceive and brainwashed your followers no more electricity ans instead of you to take the blame you rather put it them all, you will all see your end

  32. Hmmmmmm, is not past government again. Is now Nigerians by our selves, wonder shall never end, any way I will agreed with you because we voted your president hoping that the change that they have been clamoring about is real change, we never knew that they are talking about the chain instead of change, and mind you that it is only a bad and a failure hand works that always complain about his tools all the time. Stop complaining and face the reality

  33. Hehehehehe yes you can say that again and again because the have vote for you so that you will deny them light and your doing exactly that sir……. But politcs in Nigeria has change oooo Lagos was only 20,000000 milion people but Nigeria is over 170,000000 milion people so also the governance is large

  34. How do u expect him to perform his not an engineer, may be bcus wen he was the formal govt he performed well but rem the structure is already laid down by Tinubu for any govt in Lagos state the post of area to work, that doesn’t mean he will perform well as minister of power, no is not a professional in that field and he does not have political weight to solve electricity problem.

  35. Confussion everywhere. Remember you said earlier that any right thinking leader should fix power within six months in office. We’re still watching the change saga as it progresses oooooooooooh.

  36. You all this thief’s you blaming the minister for what when your Niger brothers are blasting all the Gas and oil pipe which supposed to give us light .let all of you who are making noise donate your blood to replace GAS so that we can get light. All of you people talking why can’t you go back to your village that is OKAY fools

  37. Fashola is right oo bcos it is our fault Nigerians for bringing them to power when we know they cannot deliver, nextime we will vote not base on empty promises.

  38. No blame Fashola he copied 4rm his Oga who blame GEJ administration n also blame Nigerians n call dem criminals n fantastically corrupt,Fashola blame GEJ n now turns 2 Nigerians like Oga like boy

  39. Fashola how, why? So it’s no longer GEJ it’s now Nigerians, confused minister throw in the towel and face your legal profession, you have failed as minister of darkness. Nigerians will applaud you, you have done well Fash.

  40. this man is a zero to his potfolio,he is a square peg in a triangler i notice i see in my president buharis administration,he should’ve been giving the job of chief judgestice or antornygeneral of the federation instead the post his having now where he doesn’t know what to do than bleaming nigerians,are nigerians all vanders,are all nigerians sadle with the responsiblity repairing what is damage inthe powersector,rubish,if he doesn’t know what do in that office he better say so and go to his fild area.the porfolio his occupaing supposed to be given or been occupyed by a good enginer technocrat not a benchman or lawyer like fashola he would just being parfoming his lawyering there as he is doing right now abi una no know say lawyers only knows how to bleam toooomuch,abeg.

  41. Fix it before blaming who is responsible! After all you fixed Lagos in your little way without blaming Tinubu or Maruwa! If the job is beyond you tell Nigerians we are not in law court na free world oh DemoChange!

    • Lagos people are civilized & not ready to destroy common wealths. Hence things are working there. What do you have to say about people destroying gas pipelines when there is no gain in it. Are those human beings or animals in human skin. As long as we dont see anything wrong it, we will continue to be our own phcn. There is no magic in that.

    • Sunday Olaiya Lagos people civilized? This same Lagos that am in? Well no matter how u try to live in denial even you know that this goverment is a real definition of incompetence and inexperince!

    • @chukwu…could u plz give me a concise definition or meaning of been civilized? Been civilized means to behave in a moral and intelligent manner or way….And incase u don’t know the meaning of means to know what is right from wrong…..Lagos is developing because a large number of people who live in lagos are more civilized than ur type of uncivilized people who live in it…..Hope Ave lectured u enough and if not Google is ur friend….nyt nyt

    • I wonder why a sane people still supporting those liars, bcos they love them or bcos they’re there political godfather. upon all what we were sn and hearing, some people are still supporting failure. the reason why dis country can’t beyond how she is, it’s bcos of we masses, cos most among us found it hard to say the fact. may God av mercy on we masses and our generation. and my questions for those of u who were defending apc and there administration, dnt they know the situation of things in Nigeria b4

    • so how on earth they are always complaining instead of actions, since they’ve known situation of things in Nigeria b4 they got into the system. and how earth they will be blaming all the time instead of action. most of we masses need to wise up and change our orientation before it’s too late, and stop supporting failure and act of wickedness. cos those politicians dnt av good plan for we masses, may God help our generation

  42. All this igbos there is no room for money sharing no room for stealing you will all cry and cry till you die .If hundred robers a rested the igbos will be 99 we rejected this bad habits.

  43. before his appointement i told people that fashola will be good in antornygeneral or chiefjudgestice of the federation if he is giving anyother porfolio he is going to be useless see what i means.he doesn’t fit in that post na agiument,blaming and counter blaming he sabi.

  44. Yea, Fashola Is Right, I Also Blame Nigerians & Buhari For Ever Making Fashola A Super Minister In 3 Ministries He Has No Pre-knowledge Of. But Why Is It That No Sector Of Government Of This Apc Is Really Functioning? Nigeria Has Entered One Chance And No Body Is Thinking Of Resigning.

  45. #@ minister of darkness to the President of darkness who plant casava and expected to reap Orange! I mean how can this aboki appoint a 4ken lawyer as a minister of power? Pls is this not supposed to b madness??????

  46. From my own point of view, this current government don’t have anything to offer Nigerians. They never expected or believed that would won the election. One year has gone, they will keep blaming people while this year will elapsed.

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  49. Fashola can’t handle d sector. His father sef no fit. I min Obasanjo n Bola Ige. D power sector have been taken over by rulers of darkness. Let d govt take back d power. Private company will further destroy it.

  50. Last time U told us militants in Niger Delta are the reason for the epileptic power supply, now u r blaming Nigerian again. If u know u can’t deliver, u beta resign Ur position or u stop this blame game and face Ur work seriously!!!

  51. Fashola I personally disagree with ur view.Instead of u saying d CABALS are responsible 4 d poor electricity u are blaming Nigerians on d ghost electricity dat has already been hijacked by d capitalist such as IBB,OBJ,ATIKU,ABDULSALAM n others.Nigeria wnt u to profile solution to ds epileptic n eratic power supply not dat u comes out here and casting blames on d innocent citizen.The political manthra of APC is CHANGE ! Not COMPLAINS !

  52. Oloribuku ni gbogbo yin. Epe ti n ja gbogbo yin po.. We will continue causing you all until you enter jungle, because that is where most of you belong to. Eyin eranko lasan wonyi. Micheeeeeeww.

  53. If only nigerians that are suffering from this blackout can strategis themselves and make sure there is no sound of generator in his residential building #ministerofpower and all other ministers who fail to act in their respective offices, I tell you, this people will seat up and do the needful and stop casting blames upon people.

  54. This is the price of depending on one region of the federation for economic survival. Let’s practice true fiscal federalism, we may suffer in the beginning but we would learn to develop our own potentials.

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  56. words of fashola: B4 election… A serious government will fix power within six months. why do we pay more for less…after election .blame Gej for poor power supply. blame vandals. blame Nigerians. Fashola is a fool.

  57. Fashola should resign for increasing tariff. We should not blame him much because power failure was due to pipeline vandalism. So pick up the pieces and find a solution to the problem and stop blaming Nigerians. Hon Minister talk to the Avengers to stop the barbaric act.

  58. OK now is no longer PDP again is Nigerian, you are ignorant of this ministry, APC led administrative is shame to the nation the only known how to makes empty promises.

  59. Why casting blame,how Nigerians are d reason for the poor electricity,is it bill they without d service d cause? Tell mr fashola. If u know u dont know what to do with it,u’d better vacate d seat now

  60. You can’t be smarter than everyone just because you are a minister by error. Your incompetency stinks as you try to defend failures. You cannot solve problems by creating another problem.

  61. when a man with intergrity talks, even u r dullard not to get a msg from what he said, then keep ur toilet shut. were u in the country when millitants are blowing up pipeline, what do u think is the source of the power. igbos and ur half brothers niger deltans wake up because no be only una egbo don stain una brain and stop being fools beyond 40yrs.

  62. There he goes again,an inexperienced workman,will alway find fault with every tools he is given to work, first it was the gas pipe line been vandalised, now is the people of Nigeria I won’t be surprised to hear him complain of the people of American been responsible for the poor power supply APC. ………… Shame

  63. Why Tell us the reason how is responsible for darkness were by all container which phcn imported by the last government which you are one of them as a Governor of Lagos state and as a Governor that time you attend Governor/President meetings at ASO ROCK go to all bonded terminal in Lagos and container of phcn undelivered .please and please we don’t expect this from you as a minister because we are not a minors even the fool amongst us are wise now please not to speak words but to leave by your words one day.

  64. When you put a shoe maker to head healths care what do you expect is more death people in hospital we are in for total darkness from fashola it can’t performed well what a cork and bull word from him am ashame with him.what a mess.


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  67. The truth is that fashola should resign he is confused how can a lawyer handle the work of an electrical engineer he will fail its obvious power is not moi moi

  68. I’m not surprised.The same people who brought this nation to a stand still are blaming us for 4 the hardship they are putting us thru.Our trust is in God who will judge all our selfish politicians.Our cry has gone up to God.

  69. All the ministers appointed by Buhari are suppose to be commissioners in the states not minister. My fear is that with these types of blame, blame ministers, our economic boat may capsize

  70. Is better you fashola no take part in this present regime it could have being better , you said change,change,without telling Nigeria’s the type of change,(from ,good lucky to bad lucky,see everywhere,blackout, no road , no water, people are died of hunger , pls, is better you invite (goodluck Jonathan) to come and teach you all, you thought you can do better you don’t know anything

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  72. What’s the meaning of all this, Fashola???? No, no, nobody should beg me….. Is he saying I caused the poor power supply??? lolz.hahhahahahhahaha
    Abeg Na joke o…lolz

    • He even disappointed me as a person self cos I respect fashola more Dan any APC membas o…… He was one of d critics dat was criticising d govt of Jonah dat he’s a fake president o. Infact he was a threator dat was threatening d life fo Jonah…..and he got dre nw every tyn is blame

  73. Wicked and tyrant politicians that called theirselves leaders.God will punish you all satan incarnate,But you people should remember that,whatsoever you sow,you shall reap.but i pity all your generations to come.EVIL POLITICIANS.

  74. Their fantastical corruptness especially in Lagos forced us to beg for our right /properties.

    G20, especially the G7, any document received concerning the chemicals/ acetylene gas fire, set to our house by our demonic neighbor to murder our Japanese family for those as follows:Lagos State Director of Fire Service, Inspector General of Police, Commissioner of Police Lagos State, OC Legal in Panti, Governor of Lagos State, Attorney General of Lagos State, Lagos State Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mrs Idowu Alakija, or Barr/Pastor Osinbajo, Barr Udoma Udo Udoma, Dr. Muhammadu Buhari, kindly reconfirm such documents from us because there are soooo many fake documents established with the letter heading of institutions to deceive and save the suspect, Mrs Regina Obianyor and member of the Redeemed Christian Church of —. Kamisama/God/Allah/Chukwuabiama exposed the exhibits to us, which they are `hiding.

    This makes impossible to assassinate the good fire fighter who rejected their corrupt five million naira and Anacho and do away with exhibits. Festac Police rely on the fire fighters’ exhibits, it was mentioned briefly in their police report dated 26 March, 2013, and are ready to expose the comprehensive exhibits in the law court. For how long shall they deny the truth? Kindly read full details on our page. Anacho Nnojap

  75. Theyall called GEJ clueless n now that u are there,bope u too wont be tag OVER CLUELESS? A responsible govt will fix power in 6months,now u are 1yr 1mnth old ,even d ones fixed by d den clueless died down

  76. What Fashola said is the truth for those who have the Fear of GOD, not the devils supporting evils. Immediately PMB resumed power, the light was improving until destruction of gas pipelines started in the Niger Delta. Those pipelines supplied gas to power stations. The fact is destroyers are sinners and their full rewards remain with GOD. They should continue destroying themselves thinking they destroy properties.

    • Christiana you have a very good name pls keep it . You are correct my broda. They don’t know how light come up. They think is a child’s play. Keep jiubilating for the avengers abi una don tire?

    • May be in Rsfiu’s area, but in our own area from dat time till date no light. You even said immediately they assume office you forget say e take PMB some months to appoints minister. Abi wetin make dem give am Baba go slow

    • See ignoramus’ comments, you just make use of electricity, you don’t know how it comes. So, when a professional is explaining to you again, you need to condemn his explanation? One who does not know, she knows that she does not know and she is not ready to know, she is a fool.

  77. My problem with idiotic Nigeria politicians when they are elected or given position they will start to claim capon hero terorism baba lawo i luminatic witch instead of doing their job

  78. y wont he make such rubbish statement…when he has bin sleeping & jst woke up frm his nightmares since he was giving d appointment as minister of power… start blaming Nigeria….if u wanna start blaming anybody start frm ursef & ur ogas at d top… for naija na e i c wer lawyer bcome nepa man….#iranu.

  79. U that can not even fuse a cutout they gave u minister of power from law to power it can’t be resign let who study the work of power to give us what we want

  80. APC has been blaming Tom and Harry. Una think say e easy. Make una hail GEJ. He never for once blamed any Nigerian or group of people. Fashola pls do your job. It’s your call of duty. Stop pushing blames on us. If u say Nigerians that’s inclusive of your family abi?


  82. Fashola may tunder strick u to death, are u not the one that open your uncecomcise stinking mouth to insult Jonathan, by saying that any serious will fikes power within 6months, fool

  83. Still this idiot get mouth to speak? I no blame u but Buhari, how can he appoint u as minister of power housing and works u along? after he know dat u ar a thief, bad Yoruba man u ar a failure to Nigeria if Buhari doesn’t change u.

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  85. Being a card carrying member of APC would not stop me from saying the truth. honesty fashola u are in active I argue president Buhari to sack u with immediate effect

  86. Most time I took time to read peoples comment and I conclude that comes 2019, no body will be able to decieve Nigerians again. We have use this period to learn alot. Very very important, before 2019 election campaign begins, there must be a Bill pass to the senat that any elected or appointed office holder who cannot deliver bass on his/her campaign promise after one year should be sack. This present government are very good in casting blames, excusses and lies. Nigerian youths must arise and say no to this.

  87. Emmanuel Bassey on

    Your Comment. this government Aim is to blame ,blame Jonathan government,now blame nigerians,when will they start taking responsibility

  88. You should remember, before u came in as Minister for power, nigerians were hving stable power supply, but when u came in as a Minister for power, everytin on daily basis getting worse, why ? nd instead of u to minister nigerians well, you’re telling us that are u to be blame for poor power supply? better put your house in order nd stop telling us stories. You can hear senates re calling on Buhari for ur replacement

  89. Mr. Minister are you not ashamed of yourself, have you forgotten all what you said concerning the last government about power? Then let me remind you in case you have forgotten you said if it will be given to you in space of 6months there will be permanent power
    This is no more if it will be given to you, now you are the power yourself we need power for our companies to begin to function stop complaining oga .

  90. SKV; so na Nigeria now no bi Gej again,what do you expect when you put farmer to head entertainment,abi blind man to lead group of people that can see.

  91. If i say make thunder fire u dia e go be like say i dey insultive, i can see d u guys r jst taking ppl 4 granted. Apc is a total disappointment, failure, setback n a disgraced to dis country. Only gud in running dia mouth like tap. We r in second year now n dis bunch of fool r yet to have a direction. Always blaming ppl Rubbish! If can’t fix it den tender ur resignation later n fuck off. U r dia to work not to blame ppl.

  92. Not all promises are kept, when a person is promising some thing dont put your trust on that person that he or she will keep the promise, Fashola may promise that Nigerians will have light maybe in six months time but God may said NO they wont, and if God said NO who can say yes? I had so many promises that no one was fufield did I kill any body saying they did not keep their promises? No! But move ahead and face my LIFE. So let people fine solution to their problem and stop bleming Fashola, every thing now is government people are bleming both dogs and goats are bleming government not only in Nigeria even aside Nigeria that how they blem their government for their problems as if it is the person they are bleming that give birth to them. People do not know those that gave birth to them any more, go and ask those that gave birth to you why your life is the way it is and why they gave birth to you? People should buy generator.

  93. My dear minister , you don’t have to blame it on the people , that would be unlike APC , just hip the blame on Jonathan and the previous administration.

  94. Why aré you blaming all for poor power supply, you are there to fix it, aré you telling the World of your failure? You promised Nigerians SIX month to solve this problem, now thesame you blaming them. Please stop complaining give us light.

  95. Why are all these APC Ministers are so uncultured in their words. What kind of Nasty words is this one saying again. So it’s no more Jonathan again it’s now Nigerian Ok ooo. They don’t usually weigh the gravity of their words before Vomiting it out. Kachukwu will say his own, Lier Mohammed don’t know how to talk full of abominable lies, Now it’s your turn to vomit your own nonsense Na by force to be minister if you cannot do it Resign and let another person take over abeg.

  96. I laugh at this madness and I’ll health of a minister,well if u say Nigerians I might agree because the likes of u and other past corrupt criminal nd present politicians are the percentage of the Nigerians responsible for it. Olodo

  97. Is no longer Government, when another party was in power you put the blame on government now is your party you put it on Nigerians. The day of reckoning will soon come.

  98. How do you expect fashola (san)to do miracle ..when he is not an engineer..we should expect “charge and bail light and roads” from him…. Nigeria we hail thee.