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I Feel Your Pains Nigerians and I’ll Not Disappoint You – Buhari writes Emotional Statement


President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday told Nigerians that he was feeling their pains saying that mutterings about the new administration being a scam was far fetched, saying that the one-chance scammers have been driven out of town.

The president spoke at the Vanguard Personality Award ceremony in Lagos where he was jointly honoured with his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Personality of the Year Award, 2015.

Buhari’s call for increased confidence in his administration came as Jonathan praised all Nigerians for contributing to the successes of the elections that characterised his time in office.

Yesterday’s award ceremony which also witnessed awards of Governor of the Year to Governors Adams Oshiomhole of Edo, Kashim Shettima of Borno, Ibikunle Amosun, Ogun and Ibrahim Damkwambo, Gombe saw a melting of the political and cultural differences that shape the country. Various cultural displays intermingled within and outside the Ekpo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites that was the venue of the award ceremony.

Also honoured yesterday with life time achievement awards were former Vice-President Alex Ekwueme, Mrs. Nike Akande, chairman of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, Otunba Sobunmi Balogun and Senator David Dafinone.

Also honoured yesterday was Mr. Jim Ovia, the chairman of Zenith Bank plc as businessman of the year while Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was honoured with the Hero of Democracy award.

Leading lights in politics and the professions were present at the ceremony yesterday among whom were Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State.Yesterday’s award ceremony elicited measured response from the audience when the governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle embraced his predecessor, Aremo Segun Osoba twice. He first embraced him just before the commencement of the ceremony and after he picked up his award.

Yesterday’s award ceremony was flagged off at 7.30 p.m with opening remarks presented by the General Manager/Editor in Chief of Vanguard Media Limited, Mr. Gbenga Adefaye who referenced the award as the epitome of recognition to men and women of excellence in the professions.

Following him the chairman of the ceremony, Oba Otudeko described the award ceremony as one of the most auspicious events of the year.

He praised the exemplary efforts of the awardees in their various endeavours.

In his speech, President Buhari who was represented by the minister of information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said:

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, let me use this opportunity to tell our compatriots that this Administration is keenly aware of the difficulties they are facing at this time, resulting mostly from the fuel scarcity, poor power supply, inflation etc.

“As a government that was propelled into office by the power of the people, we cannot but feel the pains of our compatriots, and we deeply empathise with them.

We are working round the clock to ease the pains of Nigerians, and the efforts of the government have started yielding fruits as we seek to make the petroleum products available nationwide, restore gas supply to the power generating firms, reflate the economy and put Nigerians back to work.

“We understand that Nigerians have started questioning whether this indeed is the CHANGE they voted for, while some have even gone as far as saying that by voting for our party, Nigerians have entered one chance.

“Well, I can tell Nigerians that our CHANGE AGENDA is real, and that indeed, they will get the change they voted for. Nigerians have not entered One Chance, because the One Chance drivers and their conductors have been driven out of town.

“While we cannot but provide context for the challenges being faced by our countrymen and women today, in the sense that it has taken years of mismanagement, corruption and inefficiency to get to this sorry pass, we make no excuses. After all the people voted for us so we can correct the mistakes of the past and enthrone good governance.

We are doing just that. But we want our compatriots to realize that 16 years of rot cannot be cleaned up overnight. It is much easier to destroy than to build. But we are determined to rebuild our country and to make life more abundant for our people.

“Change is a process, and that process has begun. We commend Nigerians for their perseverance. We urge them not to lose their confidence in the ability of this Administration to bring about the much-needed change.

The pains of today are temporary, and will soon give way to abundance joy as we put our country firmly on the path of sustainable growth and development.”

The president also lauded what he described as the salutary role of the media in the development of the country’s democracy.




  1. Our God is a compassionate God. Presido I want to believe you are a man of compassion and I partner wt you. In this case our God promised to help you to achieve as a president. Rely on Him completely henceforth and He will order your footsteps.

  2. We wl not die but live to testify the goodness of God. You cannot fell our pains in America, saudi arabia, china etc, u cannot fell our pains when the govt is only centred in fighting certain group of people for corruption while other chiefs of corruption are over look. U cannot fell our pains when salary are not paid, my kids droped out of school, landlord set me parking, no fuel, no electricity yet tariff was increased 100%. U cannot fell our pains when fulanis are destroying our farmlands, houses, raping our women, killing our men and government is giving them protection using army , police etc. Life is becoming unbrearable for 80% of Nigerians and for us to know that u fell our pains, let there be light in all areas.

    • Na you help am write the statement? please don’t be deceived, if he share the pains of Nigerians , let him arrest and prosecute Tinubu for corruption and let him tell Dangote that he can not enrich himself at the detriment of ordinary Nigerians !

  3. Don’t worry we can trek, some people started dis govt with trekking, little did we understand that this man is bring us back to treking, why should somebody f put his trust on man, is that person God? My Bible says the Alm of flash will fail u, Only God can save,

  4. I think it is important that people watch their tongue and pray for the leaders without religion or ethnic sentiment. May the good lord guide your part and give you the Wisdom to rule Nigeria according to his will for Nigerians.

  5. I doubt the sincerity of sharing the pain with Nigerians.You hadly stay in Nigeria for two weeks before you Jet that how to share in our pains? Who is deceiving who?

  6. When you are surrounded by harden criminals, pass and present thieves how can you feel our pain… When you ar busy lavishing 400 million for travel allowance in every each trip you make how can you feel our pain, when since you resume office of the presidency you can sit your ass in one place to study what is happening in the country you are ruling how would feel our pains… Buhari, Buhari, Buhari, how many times did i call your name.. Use our tongue and count your teeth…

  7. Many people are ignorance of the fact that Buhari want to restore Nigeria, but i dt blam people who are talking because hunger is every where but it wil soon be over. GOD cannever make mistake giving us Buhari as a president and that is my Logic

  8. Playing on the people’s emotion by acting this Liar Mohammed script. We know Sai Mama as a born again liar and nothing we can do about that. Lip service is a trade mark of All Professional Criminals.

  9. Nigeria is now a failed state because of ur incompetence,visionless, naiveness and poor leadership. I think the CHANGE is here so let those religious bigots and the gullible minds who were deceived with this Simple word CHANGE embrace the suffering in good fate. I bet u nothing good can come out from the Presidiot Buhari because u can’t offer what u don’nt have.

    • Pls mind ur word,Mr okoro ur playing with fire,mind u d current of Nigeria is not just a president today bt was a fmr.head of state and a retired army General that fought along with other patriotic Nigeria army officers to keep d Unity of Nigeria.

    • How many no. Of ppls being killed in the fast goverment by bh and how many ppls loses their life in the present government becouse of the curent situation or hardship?mr okoro.

    • Buhari is the Boko Haram himself. U made made this statement some time 2011 that anything short of northern man been the president of the Zoological republic of Nigeria is tantamount to stealing their presidency and that even if the person manage to get there he will be fustrated out. That is the reason why Buhari ur god used boko haram and made the country ungovernable for president jonathan.

    • Morpheus Okoro you are not only funny but a totally confused and lost soul . Why is it your problem who the president of Nigeria which you refer to as the Zoological republic is ? I thought your concern will be the attainment of you’d fabled Biafra republic and not who is the President of Nigeria . You see how foolish you are

    • Raji u are imbecillic just like ur master Buhari. How much is petrol sold today in ur town? Because of visionless, incompetent and brainless or cow brain Buhari. Buhari is useless if u do not like it then go suck your mother’s stinking pussy idiot

  10. Where is father mbaka he nolonger talk so holy Spirit no longer talk to him. How can God told him that Buhari will bring change he now bring hard ship and chain all this so called men of God should be very careful

  11. @yakubu,u r totally mad wit that ur rubbish comment,clueless human beign,after all the pains we r going through,ur aboki brother have finally concure to our feelings,nd u r der saying rubbish,u beter go nd borrow ur self brain oooo

  12. I strongly believe dat God will lead mr president 2 fulfill all his promisess by d power of God dat brought him,he did not come by his power, God in his infinate mercy will lead him

  13. @adedeji,it seems u have been fed by ur parents,if not u will have notice wat is going on.wen GEJ was on power,do u give me time, a Government under 10months now,dnt have any blue print,pls if u dnt knw wat to comment on this platform,u beter shut ur mouth oooo

  14. Nigeria is on fire and our president choose this as the best time to tour round d globe , what message is he sending if not i don’t give a damn what happens to u guys,,,,,,,,is time to call for the impeachment of this failure

  15. If you listen to responses from begining to the end its full with biafra responnses but we are not discussing biafra here and d man is not a biafra president and since you guys never voted for change why complain of chain. If una tire for nija make una relocate to biafra banana republic and leave us GENIUNE NIGERIANS TO BEAR THE STRESS TO ACHIEVING A BETTER NIGERIA . GOD BLESS PMB, GOD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA

    • Na una wa be the genuine mugu bring this bad luck upon unaself..every tribe is complaining,commenting and ur insulting biafrans of which we’re all facing same problem i no blame you bcos you teach in a private school you don’t feel the problems,jst think of those that mk use of light,fuel as their means of survival meaning their family should die of hunger

    • Thank God you took your time to go tru my profile beautiful amalicha with no source of income, i dont normally banter banter words with girls cos most of you are born saucy but permit me to say why should biafrans take it upon themselves to challenge buhari on every step to ameliorate nija problem. See ya mouth are you not in d country when gej was ruling and there were months of fuel scarcity,strikes,riots,inflations,kidnapping,ethnic bloodbath,civil unrest una no voice out oooo,when pmb now bcome president una come remember say some people use electricity for daily source of living thats why we refer to you guys as biafraud most of you are of questionable character i would want to go beyond this cos i have some very reasonable guys from south east but if you push me i will mess you up

  16. With you i stand because u re not an Angel who can turn things around over nite.. changes has steps u will have to correct some aspects of governance for others to function very well. I ve not seen where a woman gets pregnant without a man sleeping with her, and sometimes i feel bad to see so many men who can not handle there immediate household come on social to make noise and hide under disguise of Nigeria present situation. Now the question is, ist the day u got married that ur woman gave birth to ur child everything should be in sequential order

  17. Free Your Mind From Revenge And Stop Fighting You can’t Get back At Everybody Its not Possible Mr President Face The Future And Think On How To Make Nigeria Better That Is Why You Are There”

  18. It no bi so, na lie una dey talk! its a shame that some people called God onto boko buhari’s foolishness. what is the development strategy of this penury govt? what is the economic philosophy of this crook and pretentious govt? is oo and o? u people continue hoping till u dies in penury. I cannot call boko buhari my president because his antecedes is worse than that of Lucifer. he is a fumbler, even if he rule for 20 years., he can’t succeed.his foolishness wears a hat.he is a cursed and badluck for the country nigeria.people are sufferings for his useless policies.

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  20. dat is rubbish after all ur boasting as if u will turn water into wine like Jesus did. Nigerians are not suprise,most of us saw dat coming. Buhari has always been a failure APC AS A WHOLE.

  21. Thanks our amiable and considerate humane president. We know that you always want the best for this nation. The wisdom it requires the Lord will supply you and the ability to sustain the transformation and the teething process Lord will grant the entire nation. Nigeria is under text from God. We will survive ijsn Amen. Ride on higher you will not fail

  22. . I don’t think u know d consequences of our economic hardship we are into right now, PMB is surrounded by Criminal PMB should start fighting of corruptions with the Criminals with him dt are former PDP members. fighting of corruption is good, let’s b Sincere what does fighting of corruption got to do with higher inflation of Foods like pure water is #10, Bread is #250, fuel is #400, Bag of rice is #15000, No Nepa light, high bills of electricity etc. Nigerians are really suffering before our verY eyes yet PMB supporters are suffering also and smiling. FoR your Apology to be acceptable PMB you must cancel some of the Tight Policies you introduced on Importations and Port Policies that has decreased annual Income Turnover from Nigerian Customs Service to FG due to low Importations of Goods and Higher Duty Payments . Lastly to bring down prices of Daily needs consumer Goods needed in our lives every day.

  23. Have we not suffered enough? You don’t buy fuel, you don’t buy goods in the market to know that Eva saop that use to be sold for 100 is now 150 just to mention but a few. We are watching you Mr president

  24. Hahahaher i pray. U feel our pains but u will not pay salary as at wen due, u feel our pains cost of living is increasin every hr wit poor salary if by mistakly paid, wen we are payin 4 stayin in darkness u feel our pains even wen tariffs is increasin abov marginal line u feel our pains, even wen we can nolonger hv our meal three times a day bcos of d pro apc is creatin 4us u feel our pains na waooo who is fooling/deceiving who?

  25. Which pain do you feel? Do you go what we are going through, you fly around the world, knows no light, don’t queue for fuel. Come down, live like us a day and let’s see if you will live to tell.

  26. What a father that feels for his children! Bele no gree leg rest to the extent of going to borrow to sustain budget deficit. If I may ask now our oil is not moving market, our beans oyibos are not buying again because everything in Nigeria is criminal. How are we to pay back. Listen to Fayose’s advice oo.

  27. God will only accept the truth in one heart but your dirty mouth telling ppl what u inperson feel. only a mad man will accuse doctor 4 not saving the life of his son but not sick that affected him.

  28. How can a man gave what he did not has it is very impossible, you dont prepared in a battle front but you prepared before the battle begin otherwise you become a victim of it. Naija use your head

  29. The people thought the change mantra implies progress,strength & unity of the country but after the reggae of change mantra here is the blues of pains,sufferings,sadness,disunity,tyranny among other things that thwart democracy n progress.

  30. Yes sir, toh who are u fighting for Nigeria or ursefl and the fulamice? Why did i say so, Nigerias are diein one by one, but u and ur people are living good, sir ur people are fighting Nigeria what are u sayin about it? Boko harem u said, GOD is seeing u sir, sir pls let corruption be that we Nigeria may live if not we are diein so who i u fighting for, Us or u and ur people?

  31. How do u feel our pains? 85% of nigerians have not eaten dis morning, some even have no hope of eating, due to d terrible condition u are leading nigeria to. Are u telling nigerians dat u and ur family has not eaten today, u have no fuel in ur cars, that no light in ur apartment?

  32. Hmmmm y is dat nigeria is getting worster dan b4 can u believe dat a litters of fuel here in port is 300 even my own village 250 a litter of fuel nt even talking about eletricity wat is hapenning God come and rescure n9 in jesus name amen?

  33. It’s funny that we are seeing the negative change , nest time when people talk about change ,we should find out the kind of change they mean…una president has kept to his word …he promised changed but it’s obvious the change is in this direction <<<<<< .....and not this direction >>>>>>>> and all those who support this change ,I pray for their life and family to go in the same direction of the change…amen ..

  34. Liar Muhammad Royal Niger Company created by white man hav expired, nothing like Nigeria again thats why ur APC silencing everything so you can save money to start life again when Biafrans are finally drive away….do u think we are stupid…

  35. Yes Buhari we know you are feeling our pains, that is why you fly private plane, you travel to 23 countries on air in 10 months, you enjoy 24 hrs electricity in Aso rock,your plane,your house,your car is all factory fitted Air condition you eat varieties of food you want masses are serving you, you are not serving the masses. Hmmmm nama na jan kare.

  36. I know change has finally come to stay no arguments about that for that Nigerians are ready to endure the hardship but at the end of the day make sure you put smile to our mouth all,God will continue to be with you,guide you and protect you in order to lead us to that land…i mean the promise land that God promise every Nigerian.

  37. Buhari cannot bring any people had better call on God to take us out of this mess.The man is a mere mortal he cannot do anything.Actually things are going to get worse under Buhari.We better prepare for the worst.Men who know their a God only will survive this season.

  38. Nigeria started being bad right from the last regime. There was no fuel for about three months to election. Workers were owed many months of unpaid salaries before the election. Okonjo said she would not pay the oil majors unsubstantiated subsidy. The election was conducted and Buhari emerged winner. There was no money to share for the months of February, March and April. On May 29, Buhari became President and things started working well. Light was stable and the refineries were working. Buhari paid off the contentious oil subsidy to the oil marketers and we started buying fuel at regulated prices. He paid bailout to the states to enable them pay arrears of salaries. He started waging wars against corruption and insurgency. Many secrets were blown open on those that have fed fat on the economy.

    • Dele Adeyemo, let your education show through you. Education makes a person to be civil in thoughts,words and actions. I expect better civility from you. Nobody is a slave to any party unless you want to tell me that you are a slave to your thoughts and beliefs.

    • If buhari has recovered looted monies, why is he runing to China to borrow. Remember, after three months in office, APC led administration told us that they sold out 3.2trillion naira in crude. That means in 9months, they have sold out 9.6trillion only in crude oil. They said billions has bn recovered from custom service. Through TSA, leackages has bn blocked and trillions recovered. Who is fooling who? Buhari made it clear that the steady light, rifinery etc was the efforts of past administration. Since this administration, it is all about lies, propagander, blames. Buhari is inept, clueless and confused. He knws nothing about governance. “One could get to the top through lies, but he cant stay at the top through lies”

    • Ok ooo,let’s wait and see if Buhari is inept, clueless,confused and knows nothing about administration. He still has three years to go. It is presumptuous to judge him with few months unless some people have already made up their minds about him, biased and malicious. But remember he is human and like all humans, he can make mistake and correct himself. You have no right to condemn him because of few inconveniences which can be righted. He didn’t call himself a miracle worker or a Messiah. Criticise but do not condemn because you are not God.

    • Talk about dollars, dollars are proceeds of crude oil we don’t sell our crude in naira, so who is morping what? Another avenue for dollars is through the npa, port charges are in dollars so how come the dollar is scarce. Then talk power the apc government came and started running the plants at full output knowing that these plants were just overhauled just to score or justify there campaign propaganda. That has being the situation with power supply, afterall they flash light everyday if it gas supply there will be no flash. Gas pipelines are highly explosive so don’t be deceived when government tells us about gas pipelines vandalasation, some these pipelines are weak and expired which can rupture.

    • Tamuno,it was reported that about 20 billion dollars owned by few individuals are lying idle in our banks after the stock exchange lost several billions of naira in stock value. If the dollars have not been mopped up,what are they doing in the vaults of such banks. Those people who kept them are afraid that the naira may slide further, thereby affecting the value of their dollars. Imagine if such money had been in circulation, the dollars would not have been scarce.

  39. Mr President, I feel your pains because u are an illiterate and a confuse Leader, anyway I think the change u brought is even affecting u, that is y you are confuse runing from country to another Like who is Looking for spiritual help..Idiot u are feeling our pains yet u can’t stand up and make a degree dat will help your will still join Abacha soon confuse President….

  40. Well its not ur fault at all. Nigerians is d problem here. I can imagine my father at 78. He should be sitting with his grand children and telling them hope.stories. but here u are…presiding.

  41. Pls people who are blame mr president of jeting of d country if he did nt travel hw d solution to our economy problems. If u want solution to ur life u need to seek for d knw of who knw more u, nd if u want a solution to nigeria economy u need to partner wt those dat dere economy is developed. So u want him to sit in a place to see solution to nigeria problem abi. Is beter to b praying for leaders b/cos is d driver nd if u are inside a bus nd u are pray dat d driver should perish u knw wat dat mean, if d driver perish wt d bus u are also perish wt dem. God bless nigeria, God bless my honorably president PMB. GOD BLESS THOSE WHO WHC NIGERIA GUD.

  42. Story Story,If U Feel My Pain,leave Aso Rock and Come and Live With Me in Ajegunle,Where Since U Took Over From GEJ No Light,No Fuel,No Business,Then i Wil Know U Feel My Pain.Not 2day China,2moro Dubai,Next Week Germany.Travel Travel President.

  43. Baba give us light,fuel and make d inflation go down,den you can face dasuki and other treasury looters,we want to stay alive to watch Dem going to prison,but hungry dey town baba,ur boys at not smiling at all,pls do something as urgent as possible pls.ISTANDWITHMYPRESIDENT!

  44. oga sir u have done d worst anytin mre wld b disastrous ur change is unbearable nd all ur promises re our worst night mares coming through , u use our little money to travel everywere nd ur here arresting people instead of saving d economy chai..! even my aboki friends no longer scream sai baba cus ur so fake..

  45. after 1yr u r still campaigning… d next 24months another campaign 4 election ll start….mr president u can’t do magic we in d south r more inteligent than u….do ur turn&come down stop barbling.

  46. you cant feel ours pains ……olore buruku… after all your dirty mouth that always shouting change in your canpain do you promise us with this ?? how can you feel our pain after you alway travel from this to that god blessed nigerian with so many resource we manage them before you took over is this the change

  47. the BIBLE says “onless a corn of wheat falls to the ground and die it abides alone, but if it dies it brings forth much fruit”….before you can see the precious called Gold it has to pass through fire…My fellow Nigerians everytin will turn out for our good…this is not the first time this recession is taking place, it happend in the Bible of a time when women were eaten their children, offering themselves to be bought because their money was useless…all this is happening for JEHOVAH to take all Glory…He is raising Armies, saviours that will judge those mounts of Esau’s … BELIEVERS! WHERE’S YOUR FAITH, whether you like it or not this recession is just starting because JEHOVAH must be Glorified and only the COVENANTED ONCE’S WILL STAND TALL, PLEASE! GET CONNECTED TO CHRIST!….GOD BE WITH YOU ALL!

  48. You guys should stop this praying to God, he will not come down from heaven or where he is to solve this problem. Nigeria should encourage research if we want to move forward. Imagine a president that went and import grass. that shows he is clueless and his cabinets don’t have any idea.

  49. Unfortunately Buhari you can never succeed as a president if you continue with your tribalist tendencies. You will be living in a dream land if you think you can make any positive change when your actions and inactions continue to divide us, instead of uniting us. I believe we can solve half of our problems if we are united. Most of us don’t believe in this nation. We see ourselves as yorubas, igbos, hausas etc. etc. And so there is no sense of patriotism from the citizens in nation building. No nation can make a any progress without unity.

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  51. Feel ke! We`re already disappointed.The yearnings & aspirations of the pple have been utterly neglected & dividends of democracy are far reach due to ur out-dated experience, incompetency & academic defficiency.U have no zeal & desire to amoeliorate the sufferings of the pple rather u are there to satisfy ur quest for power & also to carry out the Nothern agenda.But i know u will disappear like one of the ex presido from Katsina State

  52. Praying for Nigeria is like eating Grassroots. Una never see anything dis is just the beginning.Some of you voted for Change,You will not only see change but also your BALANCE.hahahaha

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  54. Nigerians pls be a little bit patient,although the hardship is unbearable but we must get there,some political cabals re trying 2 frustrate PMB government,all I know Nigeria has been crucified n victory ours,we must surely get there whether those greedy cabals like it or not,they can’t destroy the future of unborn Nigerians,God bless Nigeria,one love,still that symbol of luv.

  55. Only a PMB’s government will go to China on how to negotiate terms and conditions to borrow $2billion when;
    1)we are expecting $200billion from looted money starched away in Dubai.
    2) America is helping us repatriate $6billion kept by former PDP Governor’s and ministers in the USA
    3) Loads of thieves under Jonathan have returned millions of dollars
    4)Trillions of Naira raked in by the Nigeria custom service
    5) Millions of Dollars saved by the TSA and leakages have been blocked.
    Even if you are very dumb,you should at least be able to ask some simple questions. Why borrow with an interest when you already have a lot? #GodblessNigeria=-d

  56. you’re are useless noise maker, you feel our pain, eh, and you think you can solve it by waisting our tax on useless trips to abroad, you feel our pain, eh, you pocket presidential seat and NNPC ministry to your good for nothing self. you feel our pain in which way? by sending your cattle kinsmen to kill Agatu, kidnapping and killing peaceful Biafra protesters, do a dull brain feel for anyone? i don’t blame you, i blame Nigeria animal masses that don’t know their right or at worst they know but refuse to exercise it.

  57. This is not a matter of ethntic sentiment. Let the Northerners inform us that they are not also badly hit by the present economic situation found within this government of change. The truth is that the vast majority of Nigerians are affected irrespective of ethnic leaning.

  58. You are not telling us the truth at all you have not only disappointed us, but dragging nija down -Ward in every thing. You have failed all the political promises you made to the Nigerians.

  59. our problems we Nigerians are impatient, we said Good luck Jonathan was not capable, my south south brother just wanna transform this great country, but we couldn’t wait patiently, now we all don enter Buhari one chance, who are we crying for? we all… Fulani/hausa,igbos,yorubas,middle belt, isoko,urhobo ,we all don enter the one chance

  60. Mr President, honestly most Nigerians predicted failure for you and you eventually failed woefully. Which means you have no clue about how a country is being governed. Pls do us a favour by resigning for a more competent hand to take over.. Certificate u no get, school u no go, agenda for governance u no get and you want to be our president for 8 yrs. God forbid bad thing. pls go and rule over your Hausa and Fulani brothers with your cows cos those are your blood group

  61. ehhhh!! so him know say na on top nail them one do the thing and him back deybon top the nail as nigerians penis they enter. make him start to lie ooo!. as sabotage don full even pant.

  62. oga whch pains are u feeling when u started to rule nigeria with lies…oga please open the border for people to be importing food into the country so that ur citizens will see enough food to buy in the market

  63. Buhari Only God Can Judge u for all wat u have done,,u hv made many Nigerians suffer all in da name of change,,,u are busy stealing money with sense nd u r saying u r fighting corruption,,all d trip u r taking frm one country to anoda,wen u take all dat moni nd do sometin reasonal for ur country wont it help us d masses,,buh u ar jst stealing Nigeria’s moni all in da name of change,,,,.Bastard Son Of A Thousand Sperms,,,i Wont Hide It,,,i Wish For You To Die,,,

  64. Mr President pls don’t say this again or i will get angry with you because you don’t pay for anything in the market or stay at the filling station to buy fuel,,,,,, However ur excellency , pls try harder because currently , ur best is not good enough ,,, we know that corruption is fighting back and the bad eggs are doing every thing possible to see that you don’t succeed which is why so many things are happening today to fault ur government… Once again Mr President , we also know that you inherited a country that was under comma , but pls put more effort to bring this Nation back to it’s glory days….. Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria…

  65. Taah! Sharap dia, when you were making promises you taught it was a days job 2 be a president now u are president bring ur promises to pass ur promises ur traveling without thinking of the masses now you sent your son to type a message to fool me knowing not that it’s ur self who ur fooling, from the day 1 I knew you had no agenda for Nigerians but revenge on those who offended you in in the past like DASUKI but to name a few.. oga go sleep! If you no get wetin u wan talk go blow whistle.

  66. Marcel Okonkwo during your enjoyment you have forgot to build your personal house and now lamenting that landlord set you parking.
    Very shame of you up till now with kids no personal house in your village. Mumu

  67. Jonathan was clueless, Buhari is brainless.
    Jonathan was weak, Buhari is dead.
    Jonathan was slow progressively, Buhari is
    fast retrogressively.
    Jonathan was annoying, Buhari is
    Jonathan was a slow performer, Buhari is
    a non- performer.
    Jonathan didn’t develop the country,
    Buhari has taken the country twenty years
    May supporters of Buhari be treated as he
    is treating this country

  68. Oga presido am really dissapointed at you oo, I voted for you thinking that ur change means.. changing from better to best, not knowing its from better to hell, trekking wan kill me cause no fuel, heat wan kill me cause no light, abeg rechange am again Oga presido

  69. How can u feel our pain wen yesterday u were in America today n china. Who knows maybe nxt na Burundi. AC dey blow u 24/7, u ve steady electricity ( uninterrupted). Fuel u no dey buy, market u no dey go to c hw everything don sky rocket n price. Stop deceivng urself.

  70. We the reasonable Nigerians hear and belief and attest to your sincerity Mr President . As for haters/wailers they can go ahead spewing all the invectives they can it will not change your resolve . They are used to living fat from illegalities and shady businesses at the expense of the Nigerian masses for so long so we understand their pains .

  71. U ar only trying to deceive us,u feel our pains nd increase prizes of tinz,u cant even think of d poor,u think everybody is as rich as u,right,we put u in to mk things change,bt u came nd worsting d situation, change,mr president

  72. and ur good luck Johnathan for 6 yrs, point out wat he did……… dis bhuari neva spend 1 year sef, . is he God? its only God dat can change our situation, all we have to do is pray for dis bhuari

  73. One year of Apc govt,fuel = 300 naira per liter,and 300×4 is equal to 1200,meaning that 1200 naira is an evidence of fuel price per liter in the next three years of Apc govt,wonders shall never end.

  74. Baba carry go, na only ibo criminals day cmplain say no more armed robbery, no kidnappin, no fake drugs, no babyfactory, no ritual e.t.c u have block all their evil buznes… Sai baba.

  75. If anybody feels that Nigeria is a failed nation to him, so shall it be to the person. But to those of us who still believe that Nigeria will still rise again, we will all rise with Nigeria in Jesus’ name. What you sow into Nigeria by your mouth you will get when the time comes.

  76. The statement is doubtful. How do u want me to believe it. U are treating boko haram case with levity. U take side with boko haram that killing innocent nigerians, detroying nigerian properties, kidnapping and raping our wives and daughters for no just cause. After raping our wives and daughters, they butcher them. U are planning not only to free them, but to grant them amnesty. U are now telling us another story. Fulani herdman are killing innocent nigerians. U don’t say anything about it. U don’t take action aganist the unjust killing, but u are plannig to import grass for fulanis with tax payer’s money. Is it how to feel our pains? Stop deceiving us.

  77. See let me tell u wot ever u call ur self. U better get down 4rm der. U don t have d carisma 2b a leader u ar a failiure shame on u. Upon ur bragin u don t have anytin 2offer ur liers ar 2much so step dowm

  78. You ‘re only deceiving yourself,God knows that most Nigerians ‘re too educated for your type of rulership,You ‘re a terrible nightmare,But our God ‘ll soon deliever us from your evil hand,

  79. Mr President when are you going to stop saying am sorry to Nigerians ? Bcs this ur sorry is getting too much Nigerians are suffering, no fuel, no light, no dollar,a lot of people can’t afford they are children school fees, during ur campaign and ur party manifesto you people said you will create one million jobs every year and Nigeria police will recruit 100 thousand every year, in my own surprise you changed police recruitment from 100 thousand to 10 also promised 5k to the unemployment youths which i personally no that it can’t possible bcs you don’t have Nigerians data.sir do you recall that PDP publicity secretary Olisa metur was advising you during your campaign that you should stop saying you will pay 5k to unemploy youth that you can only using the money to build infrastructure and social amenities, then you didn’t follow his advice.. Now you are telling us now that you can’t pay the money. Sir fixed this problem for us instead of sorry sorry sorry every day.

  80. Sorry every day, we are tired of sorry sir, i no to be a Nigeria president is not easy but try as much as possible to do something before May.and tell ur information minister Mr Lia Mohammed to stop lie bcs he said it today on channels TV that Warri refinery is working now,which i no is a big lie…i wish you best of luck sir. God bless Nigeria…

  81. tell us BABA not at all knows you are trying to do your best I learn that since anygroup or person insulting BABA or either his govt he’s the enemy of progress so we don’t want this kind of people i don’t know how call this people they’re getting themselves like akuya Nigerians need a strong person rather than strong personality so now we have It thank god and may Allah guide you BABA Amin anywhere they’re our enemy is there May Allah protect you BABA

  82. Buhari is a pathological liar. Wch pains of nigerians is he sharing wit dem wen he is enjoying his 1:5million dollars travelling allowance in each trip he make,buhari u can tell dat to ur fellow fulani cattle rearers

  83. 2day hes in chad 2morrow in Mali all in d name of Economy stability, i hop JAJ,Barrister Chizi,Ebere 4rm Rudele & gud people of Change now c dat petrol cost #300 per litter,,,,1 dollar = #350, some states no minister representative,,Budget 2b sent bck 2 NASS,,,,Electiob result inconclusive in Rivers & FCT of just 6LGA all in d name of change,,,DERE IS GOD OOOOOOOOO

  84. any painful you’re feelings you cannot compared it for insecurity please Nigerians we’ve to think of it how comes emerging that think before you say the only things we do is to pray them I think not need to insult them if i met alot of branch of pple blaming PMB am not happy if I’ve heard I’ll live the place immediately distinguish between hunger and insecurity please there’s many difference’hausa pple medaki shiyasan inda yakemasa yoyo donhaka banda zagi

  85. I can’t imagine hopeless animals called nIgeRianS expecting a change from a clueless statue called bUhArI. It’s a pity that the chief-baboon of the Zoo called nigeria does not have any banana to give to his hopeless baboons. It’s a pity. THE ZOO MUST FALL!!! #BaboonsAndMonkeys

  86. Mr President, pls lead the best way u can. Nigeria has never been a bed of roses. play ur part as the president and let d citizens too do things that can add to d development of this nation. why rain curses on the president? why are pple acting like Nigeria was perfect bfor pres Buhari came in? Majority voted for him, now he is on the hot seat can u people pls let dis our president breathe? if Nigeria tire u, then u travel out. shikena

  87. Had it been he funds his travels from his own pocket, do u think he can visit 3 countries all through his life. Embezling nigeria money in the name of travels. that is also coruption.

  88. Boko Haram is surrendering now bcos their Chief sponsors are in power, we killed 10 bokoharam members n 10000 boko members surrendered. Who do you ppl think you are fooling. Now you are feeling pains. Nonsense!!!

  89. you cannt feel our pains wen u hardly spend two weeks at home.useless old fool fulani man,u think u like awuf abi?one day ur plane will crash bcos awuf they kill money but u are taking d one dat we av to travel up nd down every week.

  90. you cannt feel our pains wen u hardly spend two weeks at home.useless old fool fulani man,u think u like awuf abi?one day ur plane will crash bcos awuf they kill money but u are taking d one dat we av to travel up nd down every week.

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  92. Nigerians were not in pains but seeking for better living before you came to power to imposed hardship on nigerians and all we keep hearing is preaching, complaining, traveling, accusing, secret recruitment of apc loyalists, etc WHY?

  93. Oga Its Not Your Fault! I Blame Those Who Voted You In. You And Your Myopic Followers Have Successfully Killed Nigeria In Less Than A Year. What Jonathan Suffered To Build. U And Your Useless Brainless Followers Have Destroyed It. You Thought Its Very Easy To Lead Abi??? You Have Blamed Everything Except Your Scrotum And It Didnt Work Now Your Rendering Apologies And This Is Just Your First Year,everything Has Perished And Yet I See Animals That Are Supposed To Be Human Beings Cheering At Him. You And Your Cohorts Tried To Make Nigeria Ungovernable For Goodluck Jonathan But Yet Under That Terrible Harsh Condition And Atmosphere He Was Able To Achieve Much. Now The Ball Is In Your Court And You Dont Even Have Strong Opposition And Challenges Yet U Are Acting A Fool. Thunder Fire You!

  94. Matthew 18:5,Whoever receives a child in My name, receives Me James 1:27,Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. Beloved brothers and sisters are you willing to join so I can so i can look over this children because children is God heritage so let’s work for the work for the lord and see what God have for you this month we need need donations at the house of grace orphanage home,support us and harvest at the End of this month have faith.God bless you

  95. u cant feel our pains…a minute u jet out no tym fr ur light no fuel..we wil b al dead in a way dat only pple like u..ibb..obasanjo is remenin dat u wil feel our pain…mitchew..mak i see chance go ghana or south africa weda i no go go.tire fr dis country..

  96. My ppl use to say not giving monkey a water is a problem but is to get the cup u use in giving it the water so if nigeria no hw com day gv him the president of nigeria day Should stil go Tru the sam way and tak it back and gv it to a reasonable person tank u all

  97. Baba, eventhough you’re feeling it, it’s not affecting you! Thousands of jobs are being lost on weekly basis.i beg to disagree this is not the change we’re anticipating that made large chunk of the electorates to vote for you! The time is tickling fast!!!

  98. Your Comment.As it is now,we need not to abuse our leaders especially the president rather we should pray for them for God to help and reveal to them the ways to come out of the wood.Our leaders should act fast because the land is bitter and unpleasant.