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Wilson Oruma Suffers Mental Disorder, Roams Lagos Streets


Obviously, these are not the best of times for former Nigeria international, Wilson Oruma, who held sway in the midfield for the country in the mid-90s. In the last six years, the maverick footballer had been bogged down by some sort of mental disorder.

It is a shame no group or persons have come to his aid in his trying times.

On Thursday, a Lagos Island resident, who is familiar with Oruma’s daily routine, told a reporter from The Nation that “Nigerians have forgotten Oruma. Even people on the street don’t recognize him again.

A gate-man (Name withheld) at the place where Oruma goes to eat often, said, “Most people around this Lekki area where he eats, don’t really know who he is but when you see him, you will know that this person needs help.”

“In spite of his relapse and status of mental disorder, if you approach him in a gentle way, you may get his attention because he hardly entertains probe into his privacy.

“But he is very friendly o, ” the gate-man recounted.

He continued, “He had even paid some people’s bills here before. He eats here every often and greets people with the name Jesus,” like, “do you have Jesus bro?’ and I will answer “yes I have Jesus bro.”

“But, Sometimes he walks on the street in poor clothing, with slippers, often talking to himself alone and all that…”

Those that are close to the Nigeria football circuit know that the former Super Eagles’ midfielder’s relapse has been a long health issue, long enough for him to have been out of it, however, with the right people and professional help (Not Church or Religion) as often patronized.

You would recall that he was reportedly duped by an unknown pastor in the year 2012. And since then the Delta State born footballer who played alongside Austin JJ Okocha and Kanu Nwakwo is now BROKE!


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