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Senator Shehu Sani reveals how APC Defectors should be treated

Influential politician and the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, has advised the Buhari-led federal government on how defectors from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) should be treated.
The outspoken federal lawmaker, took to his Facebook page in the early hours of Wednesday to stress the need for both the ruling party and the opposition party to maintain a harmonious relationship.
The senator wrote as follows:
“In view of the current reality, It’s possible to have a harmonious working relationship between the parliament led by the opposition, and the presidency led by the ruling party, in the remaining lifespan of this political dispensation, if the following rules are kept by both sides.
1. Both sides must put the interest of the country first.
2. The Executive should respect the decision of those who chose to defect, maintain a cordial relationship with them and never attempt to persecute any of them for their individual political decisions.
3. The Parliament led by the opposition must not be a stumbling block for Government policies and programmes and the person of the president and his office must be accorded the highest respect it deserves.
4. All Inflammatory statements and plots from both sides must cease.
5. Both sides should be committed to working towards addressing the nation’s chronic security challenges and the success of the upcoming national elections.”
Sani was amongst those expected to join a wave of defection that hit the APC last week, having made several categorical statements that suggested the move was imminent.


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