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Restructuring: The End of National cake Mentality


There has been a lot of debate on True Federalism and Restructuring of Nigeria’s Regions, System of Governance and Implementation of resource control. The Nigerian political system has been plagued with National Cake Mentality over the years. This has eaten deep into the Government from Local to State and Federal Levels. The Political arena has been engulfed with selfish leaders whose seeds and harvest of corrupt practices are scattered over the nation with new discoveries emerging by the day.

Some politicians see democratically obtained positions of leadership as shares with financial values for personal interest. Fingers of accusations have always been pointed to Leaders in Nigeria. This is rather normal as the world may never have a perfect leader regardless of their objectives or intellectual abilities they possess. However, accusations as well as unfavourable governance could be checked through Restructuring.

Nigeria has different tribes and ethnic groups with peculiar needs, resources and skills. These groups feel they are denied access to the National Cake when a leader from a different tribe takes the steering of the nation. These agitation come as a result of National cake mentality (Having a feeling of being denied some rights and express access to Nigeria’s Oil Wealth so to say). Different groups have emerged over the years till present day, requesting for republics ranging from Biafra and Oduduwa to The Niger Delta. There has not been any recent request for Northen region republics considering the fact that the Nations’ current leader President Muhammadu Buhari is a Northerner from Daura. This doesn’t nullify the possibility of call for Republic from the Northern region as this may happen if a Leader from another tribe becomes president in 2019.

The Call for Restructuring was heard during Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure when the National conference took place in Abuja in March 17 2014. The importance of the Call was however underestimated by some who pushed for the adjournment of the discussion.
Mr Azu Agboti, one of the delegates who attended the conference said Nigeria will suffer great harm if it is denied restructuring. He begged the conference to discuss the matter for the sake of the future generation of Nigeria but not much was done about his plea.
The Call for restructuring emerged this year again and got the attention of the Senate but the Senate successfully voted against Restructuring. In view of the unending agitation, the last of this call has not been heard, as control of resources and management of economy will be seen as erroneously done until power is divided rightly and every zone becomes responsible for its retrogression or progression.
God Bless Nigeria.


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