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Real Madrid blamed for Spain coach’s sack


Spanish newspaper SPORT have hit out at Real Madrid for the timing of their appointment of Spain boss Julen Lopetegui.

Lopetegui was to join Real Madrid after the World Cup.

But the news hasn’t gone down well in Spain.

“The consequences of it can be disastrous for the Spanish team,” wrote Lluis Miguelsanz.

“What is clear is that Lopetegui has been negotiating his future as a new white coach while preparing for the World Cup, something that is ethically already reprehensible.

“There is no doubt that the coach has all the right in the world to train whoever he wants, but his standing is questioned by the proximity of the start of the competition.

“The situation demands immediate explanations.”

Lopetegui has this morning, been relieved of his duty as Spain’s head coach.


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