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President Buhari Proceeds on a 10-day Vacation to London as His Ear Infection Worsens

President Muhammadu Buhari will travel to London for 10 days to seek medical attention and take a rest, his verified Twitter handle announced on Sunday.
During the holiday, he will see an E.N.T. specialist over a persistent ear infection in his left ear, otherwise called ‘Meniere Disease’, a challenge which has drastically reduced the president’s outings in the last one week.
See the full press release from the presidency signed by spokesperson, Femi Adesina below;



  1. Shame to nigeria goverment,cause their don’t av common sence,mr president u ar going to london to treat common ear infection,this is reason why white people use to see us like an animal and call us all kinds of name..cause i knw well we av so many hospitals in nigeria that can take care of our president and take it with care,u are taken ear infection to abroad 4 treatment,how do u think white people will seen us,their will seen us as if we are nothing,as d hospitals in nigeria cannot handle common ear problem,we need to be wise

  2. the ear that refuse to listen to the peoples voice must surely deaf…u never see anything, foolish President Nigerians ever have…u will surely be the Last of your Kind that will Rule this nation..their will be no second illiterate Like u as a president…I don’t think u have ear infection, is the cry of Nigerians that is affecting your ears…

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