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President Buhari is not ”Omniscient” – Femi Adesina reveals why He is not aware IGP Idris Ibrahim, disobeyed his order


Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says President Buhari could not have known that the IG of Police, Idris Ibrahim did not obey his order to relocate to Benue state because, he is not ”Omniscient”.


Yesterday, President Buhari told the Benue state stakeholders during his sympathy visit that he was not aware that the IG of Police did not obey his order to relocate to the state after the January 1st massacre that claimed 76 lives.


Adesina was on Raypower FM this morning where he was asked to react to President Buhari’s statement.

It just tells you that the president is not omniscient. As president and commander-in-chief, he has other channels, but it doesn’t mean that he gets every information under the sun.” he said

When told that when it concerns security, the president is expected to be adequately kept abreast of development and must be in the know, Mr. Adesina said such expectation was incorrect.

It is not correct, even in the best countries in the world, the super powers, there still would be security breaches and failures. It is not correct…” he said


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