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PPN political party set to take over in 2019- Samuel Ofoni


The chairman of the People’s Party Of Nigeria writes to Nigerians:

“Give 1million to a wise man he will maximize it for necessities, Give a Foolish man 5million he will waste unnecessarily.
People of Bayelsa state AMASSOMA town there is an Angel in human form full of wisdom ready to carry his people along with sincerity Vote in HON Samuel Ofoni for house Assembly Bayelsa state, Amassoma town, southern ijaw constituency 1 Party: People’s Party of Nigeria(PPN) vote SAMUEL OFONI a man with Credibility, Eligibility for leadership, Personality of excellence, Accountability, Epitome of Humility, Philanthropist, Better representative.
Vote in a game changer and postive turning point.”

Hon. Samuel Victor Ofoni revealed that the Party is set to break records and rule Nigeria in a right way come 2019.


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