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Paul Psquare comes for online troll who turned into a beggar


The celebrity life comes with a lot of perks but at the same time, famous people tend to deal with always been in the limelight, under the constant radar of the public. Member of the defunct Psquare group, Paul Okoye clearly knows what it’s like to be under public scrutiny. From dealing with critics to social media trolls, it never seems easy. Just recently, he took to social media to reveal how someone who has been trolling him, sent him a message, begging for tuition fees. READ ALSO: Sons of Nigerian millionaires allegedly fight dirty in UK, the 2 men fought over whose dad is the richest He posted on his Instagram page: “Asin this life is very funny…some dude has been insulting me for over 6month..on my post, dm and Twitter on a daily basis ‘vanity upon vanity’. So early this morning he ‘s begging me for skol fees..asin you want to go and study “


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