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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie survives car crash


Yul Edochie, Nigerian actor and politician, says he “miraculously” survived an accident with only a “few cuts and bruises”.

The former governorship aspirant took to his Instagram account on Wednesday to narrate how he survived the car crash that could have claimed his life.

“Yesterday I miraculously survived this terrible accident,” he wrote.

“All I can say is ‘thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, thank you Jehovah, God is real and God is alive. Thank you blessed mother Mary.

“I left Lagos yesterday heading to the east, just before I got to Ore doing 100-120km, my car lost control and started veering off to the right. I tried to steer it back on track and the next thing I knew I was upside down tumbling till the car finally ended up in a gutter.

“Miraculously I came out alive with few cuts and bruises. I thank the Almighty God for his mercies, I thank our blessed mother Mary, and to all the Angels sent by God to protect me always, thank you.

“I also thank all my fans and friends all over the world who always pray for me and wish me well.

The gifted Nollywood actor had contested the governorship election in Anambra state on the platform of the Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC), in November 2017, securing a total of 145 votes.

Despite the result of the election, the actor declared that he “will win” should he decide to run for the highest office in the land in 2019


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