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Abuse: Mourinho deletes Instagram account


JOSE Mourinho has deleted his Instagram account after copping a load of online abuse following Saturday’s FA Cup final defeat.

Manchester United lost 1-0 to Chelsea thanks to Eden Hazard’s first-half penalty.

The Old Trafford boss only got on the photo-sharing website after becoming Red Devils chief in 2016.

He had amassed an impressive 2.8 million followers while showcasing his work and family life, according to The Sun.

Users were met with a message saying “user not found” when clicking on a link to Mourinho’s now deactivated account.

Some United fans on Twitter criticised those who forced the Portuguese into getting rid of his only official social media profile.

One wrote, “Jose Mourinho has deleted his Instagram account. Some of our fans can be a disgrace!”

Another posted, “Jose Mourinho has deactivated his Instagram account. Glory hunters out here abusing our OWN manager.”

One user said, “I disagree with a lot of things Jose Mourinho does but he’s deactivated his Instagram because it seems like he’s getting constantly attacked by the angry fans.”

A fellow tweeter wrote, “You guys actually cyber-bullied a big man like Jose Mourinho into deactivating his Instagram account.”

Another said, “I see so many Man United fans abused Jose Mourinho on his Instagram.”

But one hit back, “I feel sorry for him and his family if he was getting abused. But seriously, when you play Jones and Smalling and refuse to play Martial what do you expect?!”

Meanwhile, Mourinho


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