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Lukaku may be jail if…


Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has avoided the prospect of a jail sentence in the United States by agreeing to pay compensation to the Beverly Hills police.

Lukaku, 24,  was arrested  in July after police responded to five noise complaints at the house he was renting.


The Belgian will pay $450 (£340) to reimburse police for the callouts. That will mean the charge is reduced from a misdemeanour, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

Instead, Lukaku will be charged with a disturbance of the peace infraction, which carries a $100 (£76) fine plus other costs and penalties.

The incident happened the week before Lukaku joined Manchester United from Everton for an initial £75m.

As a misdemeanour, the charge would have carried the maximum sentences of six months in county jail or a 1,000 dollar (£760) fine, the commissioner added.

James Eckart, for the city, and Lukaku’s lawyer Robert Humphreys accepted the arrangement.

The striker’s signing by Manchester United was completed around eight days after his arrest by the force at around 8pm on July 2.â?¬

Days after the incident, he shared on Instagram a picture of himself in an apartment in the city with United midfielder Paul Pogba.

The case will return to Los Angeles Airport Courthouse on December 18 when Lukaku’s lawyer is expected to pay the 550 dollars (£416) in fines and compensation, a 40 dollar (£30) fee as well as other undecided penalties.


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