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In Abuja: New APC faction emerges


Speaking to newsmen, the faction’s chairman said that the new group was formed as a result of the ruling party’s failures.
A new faction of All Progressives Congress (APC) has emerged.
According to Channels Television, the new faction is called Reformed-APC (R-APC), and is chaired by Buba Galadima.
Speaking to newsmen, Galadima said that the new faction was formed as a result of the ruling party’s failures.
The R-APC chairman added that the APC is
“severely underperforming and unable to meet its potentials for good governance.”
According to Daily Post, Galadima also said “I stand here before you as the Chairman of the reformed APC to remind you that preparatory to 2015, the nPDP merged with APC to wrestle power, but the content of that agreement were breached.
“The APC in the last three years has performed poorly and refused to sustain its core values.
“The APC government was a monumental disaster even worse than the government it replaced.”
There are also reports in the media that members of the nPDP have finalized plans to leave the APC.
It is not clear if they have joined the newly created Reformed-APC (R-APC).
More details later.


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