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How To Heal Up From Heart Break


Heartbreaks has inarguably ruined lovers of both gender than failing an examination, it has infact kill hopes and dreams and having been through the tunnel of heartbreaks I know how it feels and the antidote to it or better say I know how to help your navigate through the darkest tunnel.

1. The Dating Diary: The Dating Diet starts with a dating journal. This first step is a must in the pursuit of relationship success. Your Dating Diary will become the foundation of your relationship remedy, because all steps of this program will be directly affected by how often you write or don’t write in your diary. During your healing time you really need to understand why your relationship(s) failed, so start by writing about them. Go back to the inventory you made in the previous chapter and examine each relationship more carefully. Pour out your heart on paper or your computer screen. Write about how he hurt you, what felt wrong and what felt right. While you’re writing, you’re releasing pain and frustration.

Taking the time to write is all about you and for you. You’re slowly getting to know yourself again. You’re strengthening your mind and passing your alone time quickly and with purpose. Once you’ve written an episode or two regarding the angst of your last relationship, sit down, get comfy and read it. Did it read like a beautiful love story? More like a dramatic heartbreaker? Or worse-a bad movie with you as the brunt of all the jokes? By writing and reading your own story you’ll quickly connect with the lead character.


2. The Cleanse: Cleanse yourself of negative energy, become a better you, not a bitter you. It’s so difficult to change. You’ve been in one bad relationship after another. During the Cleanse step of the Dating Diet you’ll learn why you do this to yourself. As with any cleanse it will at first be challenging to rid yourself of the toxic forces that hold you hostage to this bondage that you wish to escape. However, it takes only 10-14 days to escape those bad impulses that keep driving you to the wrong guy. After this Cleanse, you’ll never date another pig.

Cleanse practices start with a “Me Day”. Sound easy so far? Don’t be fooled. This Cleanse is not for the wimpy and be warned it will take your utmost strength and determination to shed the destructive shadow that continually controls your dating choices.

3.  Brain Retraining: You don’t need to go to the gym for this exercise program. The Dating Diet’s Brain Retraining program focuses on brain fitness. If you’ve suffered from a weakness for Pigs, this fitness program will help boost 1) your concentration to keep you from caving to Pigs’ ploys, 2) your cognitive thought process to help you detect the truth about prospective dates, and 3) your powers of strategy to enable you to make better, healthier dating choices that will improve your life instead of draining it. Suggested Brain Work-Outs:

• Sudoku

• Word Searches

• Optical Illusions

• Crossword Puzzles

4. Mind-Strengthening Techniques:  Yoga, meditation, journal writing and trying something new (i.e., dance class, hobby, race, restaurant, anything, just get yourself out of your comfort zone).


5. Brain Food: Blueberries and strawberries are loaded with antioxidant chemicals that help improve cognition and maintain brain function so you can make the best possible dating decisions. Walnuts help nourish your brain with serotonin. No need for prescription meds for dating depression. Just eat plenty of walnuts. Serotonin affects our moods and our appetite. Walnuts relieve depression, insomnia, compulsive behavior and over-eating. Spinach is pure brain food and is loaded with essential nutrients and enzymes that your brain needs to strengthen synapses and produce neurotransmitters


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