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Dogara kicks against imposition in 9th Assembly


Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house of representatives, has advised against imposing leaders on members of the ninth national assembly.

Dogara spoke during the induction of senators-elect and house of representatives members-elect in Abuja.

The speaker said it is advisable to allow the leadership of the upper and lower legislative chambers emerge from the legislators instead of being forced on them.

He advised the parties involved to make sure they have the backing of the legislature because “they own the process.”

“Well, I’m not here to dictate to parties, the parties have their manifestos, the way to do their businesses, but one thing I have said and if you followed the business during this induction, it is always better to allow the leadership to emerge from the people,” he said.

“Where leadership has been forced upon the people, the history in the national assembly, and in fact, the history of Nigeria, it has never endured.

“The least we could afford in the national assembly is crisis on account of the leadership selection process.

“So whoever a party is sponsoring and supporting, they should make sure they have the backing of the legislature so that they accept it because they own the process and they own the leadership.

“That way, it will be good but in a situation it is forced, literally driven down the throat, in most cases it doesn’t augur well.

“Even in the senate it doesn’t augur well. In the house of representatives too, it doesn’t augur well too.”


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