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Despite appeal, FIFA refuses to postpone Chelsea’s transfer ban


Chelsea have released a statement, expressing their astonishment, after FIFA denied a request to freeze the club’s two-transfer-window ban during an appeal.

The Blues have denied any wrongdoing, insisting they are being treated unfairly compared to other European clubs and could ask the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to grant an interim ruling.

“Chelsea Football Club is astonished by the Fifa appeal committee’s decision not to suspend its sanction pending completion of the appeal process.

The club acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and has already notified FIFA of its intention to appeal against the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and sanction.

“As a matter of procedural fairness and equality of treatment, and Swiss law, the club’s right to an appeal process must be afforded, before any irremediable sanction takes effect.

“So far as the club is aware, in all previous cases where a registration ban has been imposed by FIFA, a decision has also been made to suspend the sanction until the appeal process has been completed.


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