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Bloodbath in Arepo as Nigerian Army Kill Over 100 Suspected Militants

A brutal fight between men of the Nigerian Army and suspected militants has resulted in bloodbath as no less than 100 of the militants have been killed.
This followed an aggressive aerial bombardment of Fatola, the base of militants and pipeline vandals in the Arepo area of Ogun State.
According to a report by Punch, the attack started at about 12pm and lasted for about 30 minutes. It was also gathered that at least eight missiles were fired by a fighter jet, which flew across the creek at intervals.
The tensed atmosphere forced residents to run for their dear lives. Business activities were grounded and many residents fled their houses for fear of being hit by missiles.
A resident who was on the road when the shots were fired said the Saturday attack was more intense than previous air raids.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, she said, “The air raid started on Thursday evening. It was just a missile that was released, but the effect was serious. On Friday evening, another airplane which flew across the creek released gunfire which lasted for some minutes. I could hear the shots as if they were fired close at me. But the Thursday and Friday attacks were child’s play compared with that of today (Saturday).
“The aircraft releasing the missiles had three short wings with a sharp mouth. It maintained a visible presence in the sky and anytime it wanted to fire, it flew down as if it was about to crash. I never knew the military had such a weapon.”
Another resident added: “I was alone in the house with my son. The boy shook with fright every time a missile landed. I carried him and lay flat on the floor. The missiles shook the whole ground. I am not sure if I would continue to live here because of this. My landlord left with his family yesterday.”
A source close to the militants while speaking said that the base of the militants was levelled by missiles from the military aircraft
He said, “The whole place has been levelled. From the information I just gathered, those killed today (Saturday) cannot be less than 100. I am aware that some of them (the militants) are presently in the waters where they are hiding. They are making calls and seeking escape routes from the place.”
The acting Director of Defence Information, Brig-General Rabe Abubakar, confirmed the air strikes.
He said, “The joint operation will continue until the area is secure and free from all forms of unwanted and criminal gangs whether they are militants or vandals.”



  1. Where’s Mbaitoli and his cohorts who are staunch supporters of Niger Delta Avengers. I told them that if they want to test the might of the Nigerian army, let them continue with that nonsense. Now their fake supporters like Clark,Mbaitoli and co are no where to be found.

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