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Anthony Joshua reveals interesting facts about his childhood experience


Undefeated in the professional game and credited with saving the heavyweight division, you would think Anthony Joshua is a contented man. But the British boxer, who holds three of the sport’s four major world title belts, is not yet satisfied with a life that has already defied the odds.


“I’m still tired now and again, I don’t wake up every morning feeling fresh, my bed’s not as comfy as it should be,” the 29-year-old told CNN World Sport’s Alex Thomas.


“Things aren’t social media perfect for me.”


But things not being perfect is just how Joshua likes it; it keeps him hungry. It’s a hunger that’s helped him achieve such success in a relatively short amount of time.


‘I went to the school of boxing’


Joshua only started taking boxing seriously when he was 18 — a defining moment in his life.


“I never knew I wanted to be a boxer,” said the Briton, who was a keen footballer and promising sprinter as a child.


“When I was younger I used to smoke, I used to obviously go out, stop off at the kebab shop, and I wanted to change that.”


Joining a local gym helped Joshua take a more regimented approach to life. He started to watch what he ate and was more careful with whom he spent his time.


Getting fitter became an addiction that steered him clear of unhealthy temptations and kept him on the right side.


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