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Anambra State officially ‘rejects’ Biafra

Indigenes of Anambra State under the auspices of Anambra Peoples Assembly (APA), yesterday denounced the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, and his struggle for secession.
The Assembly, which declared that Anambra people will participate in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state, warned biafra agitators to maintain a distance from the state.
According to a statement signed by its coordinator, Mazi Nnamdi Okorafor, the group noted that the people of Anambra State are law-abiding and will not be dragged along by any individual or group of persons.
“I will assume that there are no men in Igbo land, if we allow a small boy to drag all of us into war against Nigeria through hate speech,” he said.
Okorafor, who noted that being Igbo does not automatically translate to membership of IPOB, said Kanu is not a leader of the Igbos.
”Nnamdi Kanu is making a fool of himself, very soon his paymasters will distance themselves from him. He and his illiterate minions will be dancing alone in the market square Unclad. Being Igbo does not mean you are an IPOB member, neither does being an IPOB leader makes you the leader of the Igbos,” he stated.
He also described Kanu as a confusionist who suggest ideas capable of destroying lives, while he left his family in United Kingdom.
”Let truth be told. But with due respect to the right thinking and illustrious sons and daughters of Abia State. Let me ask these questions, When did an Abia man become wiser than the Anambra man to warrant a confusionist like Nnamdi Kanu to order Anambra people not to vote while his Abia governor is still on seat? Why would the good, wise and hard-working Anambra sons and daughters listen to a guy man who kept his wife and kids in London come here to suggest what is capable of destroying the lives of young Anambra youths. Anambra people should not allow anybody to toy with their future and destiny,” Okorafor added.
According to him; “We agree that self-determination is the right of every person or group in Nigeria, that being said. We hereby declare that Anambra state has distanced self from Biafra struggle. All Biafra activists and agitators are warned to leave Anambra and return to their various states of origin. We are too big to be dragged along by any person or group of persons. Anambra state indigenes and lawful residents will register and participate fully in the forthcoming governorship elections of November 2017 in the state.”
Source: Leadership 



  1. Oh boy! So kanu is not igbos emperor again? How about the fools that have already died for him? How about give me biafroud or death? So more fools are not going to die again? Why? How about the fools that insist on dieing? Please don’t stop them

  2. If it’s true let the state government also bound biarfra radio station, who is fooling who? I think Nigerians have come to be , let’s be wise and be sincere with each other

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