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An Igbo Man Can Never Be Nigeria’s President because…… – Junaid Mohammed

A Second Republic lawmaker, Dr Junaid Mohammed, has alleged that Igbos are using the agitation for Biafra to blackmail the North into ceding the 2019 presidency to them.
Mohammed insisted that such move will only prevent the South East from producing Nigeria’s president because, “democracy is a game of numbers,” adding that nobody can tell “people to vote for you because you are being irresponsible.”
Speaking with The Sun, Mohammed maintained that Igbos caused the Civil war that claimed the lives of over one million people.
Mohammed wondered why the same people who caused the Civil war will now turn around to demand for Presidency.
He said, “The Igbo are clamouring for an additional state, one of the reasons they are now talking about Biafra, even though the real reason is that they want to blackmail the North, to concede presidency to them.
“By this means, they will never get any hope for presidency because democracy is a game of numbers. You cannot tell people to vote for you because you are being irresponsible.
“You caused the civil war that claimed over one million people, you will now come back and demand as a right that you must have a president. Is it democracy they are talking about or secession?”


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  1. It pains me when people that are supposed to be respected talk foolishly about the Igbo ‘s in Nigerian politics. This myopic Junaid Muhammed who has been a lawmaker cannot differentiate agitation and zoning of the president. How many Igbos has declared interest in the post of presidency for 2019. Junaid is mentally sick with his hate speech. If it’s the turn of the Igbos to produce the president will Junaid stop them. Please stop seeking relevance with your hate speech, when next your writing pick up a good topic that will earn you applause than vomiting nonsense in the name of attacking the Igbos.

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