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Africa make-over phone


For decades, technology has been mainly driven by Westerners and that’s why most applications and features until in recent times have had western themes. But a group of African content creators are determined to change this trend in a big way. Primarily, they are hoping African users can identify and relate to these themes ,thereby owning their personal devices.

Afrocomix wants your phone although not produced on the continent to least have an African make over. The company is asking you to say goodbye to Cinderella ,micky house and what have you ,and instead enjoy the likes of Kweku Ananse and a lot more from African creatives.

We hear from Abena Addai Boakye ,Communication Lead at Leti Arts, the company behind Afrocomix.

 We recently released an app called Afrocomix which we hope will help solve the fragmentation issues among patrons on the continent. It houses comics,wallpapers and short animations created by Africans on the continent.

And, a new museum in Hollywood is celebrating everything that did not quite go according to plan with tech.Called the “Museum of Failure”,the exhibition features consumer products and innovations that lost favor with the general public or simply were left behind as technology progressed.

Among the hundreds of products that failed to take off are Google Glass, Betamax video recorders and a board game featuring U.S. President Donald Trump.


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