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Stop Breast Cancer #SAVEOYAYI


With Easter just around the corner, thoughts naturally are spending time with family, hanging out with friends or taking an Easter holiday to somewhere nice. After several months of working back to back with no public holiday in sight, the thought of a really long weekend is definitely exciting.

What really is life without family and friends?  Life is certainly nothing without the people we care about. Which is why this Easter, Project Pink Blue  (an award winning charity) , in collaboration  with Donate-ng ( a portal focused on making Crowdfunding in Nigeria easy) have decided to crowdfund to #SaveOyayi – a woman suffering from stage II breast cancer.

The truth is you never really know the value of health until you are sick or know someone close to you that is very ill. Oyayi is a woman with a dream to become a journalist and this led her to pursue a degree in mass communication. Things seemed to be working out well until when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (invasive ductal CA of the left breast, ER/PR negative, HER 2 neu positive: Stage 2) at Asokoro Hospital Abuja. She was told it was a malignant tumour, hence life threatening.

In June 2015, she went through mastectomy to remove her left breast and has not been able to go back for the chemotherapy because she doesn’t have 10 Million Naira (N10,790,000). 

Project Pink Blue and donate-ng believes there is hope for Ms Oyayi. Your donation will go a long way. Let’s prevent the cancer from spreading to other vital organs of her body. Help wipe the tears from her eyes.

DONATE Today (Local & International Cards accepted on Donate-ng)


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