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7 Simple Guide to Land Your Dream Job as a Graduate


Getting your dream job immediately after tertiary education be it University, Polytechnic or College of Education is one of the best things that could happen to a person, however it does not guarantee a successful career but it might be a pointer to it, and because of the deteriorating level of education in Nigeria and its resultant effect on the employability of her tertiary institution product, but despite the odds there are still job opportunities for graduates that possess the required skill sets, but are these graduates taking these jobs?

I doubt if the answer in your mind is a capital YES in totality, to ease their stress and turn their mountain of challenges into plain I was ordained by the Lord of the pen to write this insightful article highlighting “10 Simple Guide to Land Your Dream Job as a Graduate”.

1. APPLY FOR INTERNSHIP: This is one of the easiest way to land your dream job, do a cursory research on places you would love to work and apply for internship, if you would be paid cool and if they tell you they can’t accommodate you because of any reason is known to them, tell them you do a 3 months internship without pay, trust me you’re not losing anything you’re even gaining, gaining work experience, meeting people, improving yourself.

And it is never too late and you may be able to get a short-term internship to boost your employability.

If the company finds you resourceful enough for them they might retain you or someone there likes your attitude to work, he or she can recommend you for another job.

“You’d get jobs faster via recommendations than submitting an excellent CV.” – Dr. Dipo Awojide.

2. EXPLORE: Venture into larger job sites, and search for the categories of jobs you would like to do, write and submit your resume to these companies. It’s a myth that sites like Jobberman, LinkedIn, working or Workforce isn’t really getting briefs to recruit for firms, they do get, In fact, one of my friends got his pre-nysc job through this channel and some other graduates are getting.

3. NETWORK: Find time to build a network. Forget the odds. Reach out on social media, job sites, among friends, family, friend’s family, counselors, teachers. Whenever you encounter someone interesting, ask them for their advice and email. Most of us love imparting our hard-earned wisdom on up-and-comers and are happy to make introductions to employers or recruiters. It makes us look good, too.


4. SHOWCASE YOUR SKILLS: Employers know you probably lack specific job skill set. You should use your resume and profiles to showcase the skills you do have.

5. HARNESS THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be used to find jobs, there are thousands of job vacancies posted on these social platforms. “For example, show your interests in a career path by joining in the discussion on Twitter or LinkedIn. This will make prospective employers, recruiters familiar with your name or even earn you a recommendation from a known person in your industry.

6. JOIN PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CLUBS: Organizations and clubs are usually gatherings of resourceful individuals depending on the type you join you can meet your employer or meet someone who would recommend you for the job of your dreams.

Some organizations and clubs organize recruitment fair, you’ll find some really awesome groups full of like-minded people that will help move you along your chosen career path.

7. SHOWCASE YOUR WORK PORTFOLIOS: Ever produced a piece of work at a university you were exceptionally proud of? Dissertations, project, assignment, reports, portfolios (and more) all, this is an added advantage, optimize it by showcasing your expertise because these reputable pieces are evidence that highlight your immense talents. You own them, so why not show them off?

To really maximize their potential, bring them to your interviews and intimate your interviewer about it, upload them on the web for free online publishing – and even get your supervisor to give you a recommendation


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