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Senator Andy Uba Reveals ‘Those Behind Supreme Court Sack Reports’


Anambra state Senator, Andy Uba, who represents Anambra south, has reacted to the Supreme Court verdict that allegedly removed him and other federal legislators from Anambra state.

According to him, the verdict, which affected officials in the current executive of the Anambra state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was misinterpreted as ordering his removal and Stella Oduah.

Uba urged his supporters in a statement he issued at the weekend to dismiss the report, insisting that his name was not mentioned in the judgement delivered by the supreme court on Thursday.

“The wrong and false interpretation being given to the verdict of the apex court was a calculated mischief planned by certain politicians in Anambra state who are simply interested in confusing issues,” it reads.

“They are just raising a false alarm. National assembly election matters do not get to the supreme court.

“The court of appeal is the terminal point. Also, there are no pre-election issue concerning my candidacy.

“Those who think they can get through the back door what our party members and the electorate did not give them are the ones giving this wrong interpretation to the verdicts delivered today.

“I have directed my lawyers to engage the Supreme Court so as to clear this mischievous information being peddled by some politicians.”


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