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Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Latter Rain Assembly Church Hosts ‘Muslim’ Gov. El-Rufai in Lagos

Prophetic-Apostolic pastor, Tunde Bakare, who is a one-time Nigerian vice presidential candidate, today in Lagos, played host to Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, the incumbent Governor of Kaduna State at the Latter Rain Assembly Church.
The popular Lagos church’s took to their Twitter page to announce the presence of the former FCT minister with the above photo and caption, “@LRAGlobal plays host to Gov. @elrufai and the Church prayed for Nigeria’s greatness #NigeriaWillFlourishAgain #lra”



  1. Intact wisdom is very important in serving the creator. If the man who serve his God in Muslim’s way moved to a man who serves his God in a Christian way for prayers, logically he has faith in the man ways worship as well. Inter cross of worship. Allowed. But l wonder why a Christian who serves his God in a Christian way will find it had to go for prayers before such pastor Tunde Bakare and others, simply because they acclaimed that,they are not from the same church.But with the same bible ,and Jesus Christ is one. Why? Pls I need someone to educate. Let salute the courage of EL Rufai.

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