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2019 Election: Tunde Bakare is Calling Wrath of God Upon Himself – Rev. Daramola warns

Rev Dapo Daramola of the Methodist Church of Nigeria has berated founder of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, for saying he would contest for president in 2019.
Bakare had recently told his members that God had directed him to contest for the highest political office in the country, come 2019.
Reacting to Bakare’s declaration, Daramola, who is the Head of Media and Publicity of the Methodist Church Nigeria, decried the fact that Bakare was making mockery of God.
Noting that Bakare was at liberty to voice his interest in any political office of his choice, but claiming to be under divine direction was false which could attract the punishment of God.
Speaking with Vanguard, Daramola said, “Every politician, whether he’s a Muslim or Christian have often laid claim to divine direction when they are seeking any office. Even a collapsed marriage when you counseled the couple they will always tell you they heard it from God. So, anybody can actually lay claim to divine direction.

“It’s not new. So, if Pastor Tunde Bakare now claims that God directed him to run for President, when he ran for Vice president, was it God that told him? Or when Oga Justice Party, FRESH Party, how many parties has he formed already…and told the nation that God said to him that this was right time and he didn’t win, who arrested him?
“Bringing God’s name in all of these things is nothing new or strange. Time will tell if God actually directed him to run for the presidency of this country. People can call God even in their individual endeavors. We will know whether it’s God who spoke to him or not. The Bible is very clear on unfulfilled prophecies.

“It says ‘Woe unto those who says thus says the Lord what the Lord has not spoken,’ and because He is a God that is slow to anger many people tend to take Him for granted. So, it’s very easy for many people to lie against this very God, whether those we look at as true and credible pastors or those who are nonentity pastors, but the truth is somebody had made similar claim that God had told him to contest, he failed.

“Another four years came, He came and told the world that God asked him to form a new movement which he named FRESH Party and he still failed.

“So, if you aggregate some of these things you will only come to one realization and that is that our God is so patient with us. But I know; it’s not as if He doesn’t punish apostasy, blasphemy, or other similar infractions….but He does it in His own way and time. If not by grace, who can stand in His presence?

“It’s quite unfortunate that people are making a mockery of God through all manner of comic pronouncements. Allow them and we will wait and see whether their prophecies will come to pass.”


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