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Nigerians are responsible for poor power supply – Minister of Power, Fashola


The Minister of Power, Work and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday, expressed shock at the destruction of public properties by Nigerians who also yearn for better service from government.

Fashola expressed his frustration while speaking on Thursday at the Buharimeter town hall meter in Abuja. The Minister also said the Ajaokuta steel plant is embroiled in legal suits hence government can do little at the moment.

“Yes, there is no power. But it does not mean there is no capacity to produce power. In February, we were able to meet 5,000 megawatts.”

“When you have an idea how extensive the pipeline network is and how they must pass through land.”

“I don’t know any country that wants to have electricity that destroys its electricity infrastructure.”

“People have even begun to remove bolts and nuts from tracks that had been laid for rail.”

“There will be a time when we can not rely on gas solely. We think that methods, planning and coordination will take us to the society we want to live in.”

“As far as security is concerned, there is a new wave of global criminality going on. The existing security machinery put in place after the second world war takes care of conventional warfare. It’s a new global learning curve for everybody.”



  1. This is an irresponsible man! This are type of Nigerians who went to school read came out instead of helping the common people of our dear country, they instead became liars, dupers, deceivers and dupers. God will judge them!

  2. Christian Tom-West on

    Thank you Honourable Minister of no responsibility. We know we are responsible for no power, bad roads and no houses to live in. Pray what are you responsible for? The faster you resign the better and more responsible of you or else we will be responsible for your resignation.

  3. Shame on you, you’re irresponsible or else you would have honorably resign bcos you are unfit for that portfolio.

  4. Yes my minister you may be right because Nigerians are the one who deceitfully increased electricity tariff in pretext of providing constant power supply about early this year. They are those responsible for power generation. They are those responsible for billing by estimation and clandestine hoarding of prepared meters to satisfy their ulterior motives.

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