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10 tips to help you survive in the hands of kidnappers


In the unlikely event, that in spite of your observance of all the precautionary measures mentioned you are still kidnapped, surviving the ordeal should be the next course of action.

Below are necessary tips you should observe while in the hands of kidnappers

  1. Try Cooperating Having tried to avoid the kidnap situation and failing, the most important option should be to cooperate as unplanned attempt to escape may become too risky

2. Don’t make facial contact

Avoid openly making any facial contact with the kidnappers, but try and memorize their description, if you get the opportunity to view them without endangering your life.

3. Keep mental note of the surroundings

Keep mental note of the landmark especially the shops, supermarket, fuel stations, buildings around the area the kidnappers are taking you to if you are not blindfolded by your captors.

4. Play along

Obey all instructions from the kidnappers and avoid unnecessary argument with them.

5. Avoid provocation

Avoid behaviors or attitude that will provoke the kidnappers.

6. Pay attention to their conversation

Listen to their conversation and keep mental note of the details about their names, accent, slangs and other information about the abductors to assist the police in investigation after your rescue.

7. Avoid complaints

Try to avoid too much complaint so they do not get tired of you and kill you.

8. Try to stay healthy

Avoid anything that will make you sustain physical injury as getting medical attention might be difficult. More so, as you do not know how soon you will be rescued or freed.

9. Play mind games

Gradually try to win the kidnappers’ trust. Try playing mind games with them especially with any of them you consider less hardened. For instance show empathy to the kidnappers even if you are acting it. If for example they claim they were driven into kidnapping for reason of unemployment, tell them you understand and blame someone else for not providing them a decent job. You may try talking them into pitying you or putting yourself in any of their relatives’ shoes.

10. Avoid stray bullet during police operation

During Police rescue operation, lie on the floor to prevent stray bullet from hitting you. Identify yourself to the rescuers as soon it is safe to do so.


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